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    FHY4 Hero idea for Samurai

    My dream character in for honor has always hero that wields a a bladded fan in one hand and a Sai dagger in the other hand she would be a female only character that is an assassins hidden in the deepest parts of the samurai forest and only known as legends they wanted no part in this war until the wu lin marched straigh through their forests. These ancient warriors had to take up arms once again and kill the enemy. Her fighting style would be fast and agile with her side dodge being cart wheels and she would have an sort of mix up attack like centurion, where she stab the Sai dagger into the enemies foot and then smacks with the fan making them fall on the ground for a free heavy. she would also have a unblockable kick that sends the opponent flying.

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    Wow, such a cool idea!
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    I know that For Honor is not a realistic game since Season 5, But I do not believe developers would like to make mortal kombat out of it. Besides, bladed fan was by far very rare weapon to se on the battlefield, and possibly never seen with combination with sai. I dont want to judge yet. Give her name, some new fighting mechanic, some possibilities and appearence. I'll come back to read again then, and maybe you'll change my opinion.
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    Sounds.. OK. You have to add to the concept all the other things, but the addition of Another Cutscene? Ubi has been working hard to remove It. Make It reactable and add more info on the Hero.
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