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    Executioner / Jailer Concept Fan art

    Hi everyone !
    Just wanna share with you my latest personnal work based on For honor.
    I made this fan art character concept that representing an executioner, a jailer (from the knight faction) that has a gameplay based on harassment and isolation. Indeed, thanks to the “man-catcher” part of his weapon, he can catch his enemy and bring him where he wants for a short time (like the jokey from Left4dead). Of course he is also deadly with the other part of his weapon wich is a “vouge” that can cut very easily. Hope you'll like it !

    the 3D viewer : https://skfb.ly/6CvNU

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    It will be quite a while until we get a new Knight Hybrid character (if we even get one) but the concept and the model look really cool!
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    You got my attention.

    I am Mysterieizer, and my job is to judge theories or ideas across the internet. I find this concept really cool. As a Hybrid, if you chose him to be,the character must be variously twisted in attack system. As is nobushi, as is valkrie, as is any other hybrid. The art is awesome. I would love to know where did you created that one. Plenty of people will find that information useful in here. As is now, You got free hands and my full support. I'm looking forward to see a new thread with movesets, lore, executions, feats and other. Don't be ashamed to ask somebody for help with the idea, we are community after all.
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    Could I make a move set for this

    I would love to create a move set alongside you with for this idea. I love coming up with new move set and feat ideas.
    If you want to see some of my other work, I’ll be posting a few new threads soon to showcase it, but I would love for someone to create/ find art and lore for them.
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    I saw this a few months ago, and to this day i still haven't Heard again of you. Did you make any progress in the creation of the Hero? The concept Is really Beutifull.
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