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    TrialsReporter - A discord bot to help the community get better at Trials.

    Dear riders,

    I am happy to introduce you to TrialsReporter, a Discord bot designed for the Trials community. It has been thoroughly used and tested by a select group of people, and it was released a couple of weeks ago to the rest of the community.

    Features include:
    - A massive track list: the bot knows all tracks from Ninja-Central, Trials.fr, and about 600 more
    - Democratic voting on ninja tracks
    - Enables you to keep a record of all the tracks you passed
    - Track suggestions based on the hardest track you completed
    - All authors are known, no more FusionShared
    - A broadcast system to show your achievements to the community
    - Leaderboards per bike

    To see the bot in action, join any of the following public discord groups:
    Trials Community
    Doughnut shop
    Blazes Stream Community

    I received a lot of help from the community to make the bot what it is today.
    A great thanks to the following people for supplying feedback, finding bugs and determining the baseline tracks:
    Ben, Blubbi, Booped, Chaaampy, Cobra, Devid, Doughnut, Draaaal, DrollZ, Fookin Mineh, GT4, Hardlogik, Inquistor Fin, Jaybibs, Jukes, Liquicity, Lorcan, Marcus, NovaDarkStorm, Plopikoosy, Real Seven, Rj Burger, Roflmaster, Rudhelm, Scottah, Storm PsykoZ, Todwop and Zarzrak.

    A special thanks to RJ Burger for designing the logo. Draaaal is working on the translation to make the bot available in French.

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    Great initiative Gulzt!

    Thank you for sharing this on the Fusion forums, I'm sure Trials players will find this extremely helpful
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    Yes, been using the bot on a daily basis since its official release, really enjoying it.
    The automatic track suggestions and the level baselines are giving me a whole new incentive to pass hard ninja tracks, bringing back the motivation that I had been missing for the past few months.
    Of course also useful if you don't play ninjas, for example you can compete against players from other platforms by committing your runs to the bot's leaderboards, you can easily add your own tracks etc.

    And yet another reason to provide an official API or web service for syncing data from the game to community tools automatically. Please pull some strings MrDrPink
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    bot is great, all the hard work by Gulzt is appreciated.

    I too would love to see an official api in rising.
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