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    Hi I pre-ordered the collectors edition of AC: Revelations and have only just opened it (It was my birthday).

    So after redeeming the Uplay passport, I decided to redeem my codes for the Vlad the impaler mission and the two multiplayer characters; The Crusader and Ottoman Jester, as well as the PLAY.com bonus code for the Altair skin. None of these bonuses have been unlocked in the game...

    I have looked on the multiplayer character list and only find the custom characters as well as the Knight which I unlocked through uplay.

    On singleplayer I have gone into my inventory and all outfits are locked. Im not too far into the game so Ive yet to come across the Vlad the Impaler mission but I assume its not there either.

    I redeemed these codes through the Extras - Exclusive Content section of the game, and the transactions do appear in my PSN history, but I am unable to re-enter the code as they can only be used once.

    I spent extra on the collectors edition for this bonus content so help will be much appreciated!
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    Extra Information: Console : PS3
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    same problem...
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    Originally posted by TigmarPT:
    same problem...
    Yes, unfortunately looking around it seems this is a genuine issue with many people and with different editions as well.

    I found this video that shows a similar (I dont think he ordered the collectors edition) problem: Youtube Clip
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    Hi There,

    If you have checked the correct locations and the content is still not available to you in game, I can only suggest you contact Ubisoft Support:

    You can contact them via the links in my signature, please be aware that support will be very busy over the christmas holidays, so they may take longer than the normal 48hours to respond.
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    Hey there Shade,

    One step ahead of you, already made a ticket. A reply has come through asking for further details so hopefully this will be investigated and solved xD

    Has anyone else had this problem by any chance?/ Has anyone solved it?
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    Im abit annoyed this has happened, how did you (the rest of you lot) redeem your codes?
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