Hello everyone,

Please find the current list of known issues below.

If you have any screenshots, videos, or relevant information of an error occurring, please share them with our Ubisoft Support Team or in the Technical Issues section of the forums, specifying your platform, using the appropriate sections: [SWITCH] / [PS4] / [XBOX].

**Issues under investigation**

Mason Pilot displayed for every pilot in the Leaderboards
There’s an issue in the leaderboards where the pilot icon displayed is always Mason, regardless of the pilot used by the player, his friends or the top players.
Additional notes: The issue has been fixed on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch through a hotfix (update 1.05).

Codex card undiscovered in the Collection Tab
There’s an issue where a certain card remains undiscovered in the Legion Codex. *More details in the SPOILERS tag... beware: it contains.. spoilers!"
Additional notes: Please note that players who complete a specific mission after updating to the Technical Update will not be affected by this issue.
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The undiscovered card is the "Flawless Cyclops" obtainable by playing the St. Grand's Secret side mission.

Prime very rarely gets stuck during phase 2
There’s a very rare issue where a Prime may get stuck in phase 2 (runs in place) while it is located on an electrum vein.
Workaround: Exit to the main menu and reload the most recent save to reset the Prime. Please contact our Support Team to let them know the circumstances under which you encountered this issue at www.support.ubi.com.

Helium Diffusers spawning inside objects
: There is a rare issue where Helium Diffusers occasionally spawn inside the Refuelling Rush Ruin on planet Sonatus.
Workaround: Abandon the mission to clear your mission log.

Barrels bounce ineffectively off Warden puzzles
There is an extremely rare issue where elemental Barrels bounce off of Warden puzzle weak points.
Workaround: Whoa, that’s not supposed to happen… there must be some more barrels around here somewhere, and hopefully less bouncy!

“Could not operate. Fatal Error!” error message
In rare cases, players might receive the “Could not operate. Fatal Error!” error message and are not able to continue in the game when they continue exploring a planet in Act 6.

**Issues below have been fixed**

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New Legion enemies not appearing if all imp hives have been destroyed
Some players with 100% completion on all planets (including Starlink Towers, Crashed Drakes hacked and all Imp Hives destroyed) reported they are not able to find any new Legion enemies on any planet.
[Xbox One] Electrum Globes have placeholder text when brought back to be sold
There’s an issue where players can see a debug text while delivering Electrum globes to an outpost.

Client crash due to high number of mods
There’s an issue where the game crashes if players obtain more than 16500 ship mods.

Unable to reach 100% planet exploration
Description: There’s an issue where players are not able to reach 100% planet completion even after discovering every Spire/Ruin/Wreck/Wonder/species/site and gathering every sample.

Crashed drakes resetting after completion
Description: There’s an issue where crashed drakes missions reset after completion and fully clearing the planet.

Outpost only shows 'Downloading Mission Data' when asking for a new mission
Description: There’s an issue where players are not able to accept any new mission from an outpost and they can only see “Downloading Mission Data”.
Workaround: This message means that the outpost currently has no new missions for you, sorry for the confusion and thank you for your support: you did an amazing job fighting the Forgotten Legion, Pilot!

Unintended use of Elemental Weapons
There’s an issue where the elemental offence grants Non-Allied Units the use of Elemental Weapons after an Equinox Upgrade.

Game crashes when reconnecting to network
A rare issue where the game would crash after reconnecting to a network.
Workaround: Be sure to trigger an auto-save by visiting an outpost before altering your network connection.

Placeholder text displayed when building outposts
There’s an issue where the Debug text is displayed when the player builds an Observatory/Workshop/Armory on any planet.

Objective stuck at “Deliver the Core”
There’s an issue where the objective text displays "Deliver the Core" after delivering the core if the player exits to title when the core is mid-air, after plucking it and then following the story objective.
Workaround: Take core directly to outpost to finish mission before exiting to title.

Towable objects disappearing
There’s an issue where towable objects acquired from outposts during help missions are disappearing or getting destroyed at various random locations in the game.

Crush Giants spawn unresponsive
There is an issue where Crush Giants are not reacting to player's actions if the giants are spawned from certain types of Extractor.
Workaround: Lucky you! Easy win!

Prime cores lose map marker if dropped
There is an issue where the map marker doesn’t appear on the prime core if the player drops it on any planet while roaming.
Workaround: Get that prime core to an outpost right away!

Shipwrecks incorrectly marked as looted
There is an issue where Shipwrecks present in space are shown as not looted if players loot a shipwreck and save/reload the same save.
Workaround: Be sure you visit an outpost to auto-save before exiting the game.

Gold rush ruins not getting allied while using Razor’s fully-upgraded ability
There is an issue where gold rush ruins don’t get allied if players destroy all the present enemies using pilot Razor's fully upgraded ability on any planet.
Workaround: Careful with Razor’s pilot ability… these particular allies CAN’T HANDLE THE ROCK!

Unable to accept Equinox mission
There is an issue where players are unable to accept the Equinox mission if they complete a delivery side mission to any outposts and then immediately request an Equinox mission.
Workaround: Wait a few moments between tasks to give the Equinox time to update its mission logs.

Missing Mission successful banner
There’s an issue where the Mission successful banner does not appear after completing the Equinox mission "Stronghold Strike."

[XBOX ONE] Unable to pass the title screen while switching accounts
There’s an issue where players are caught in an infinite loading cycle on the title screen when users login with a different account while the “controller disconnected” popup is displayed, and minimizing the game in standby.

Dead extractors damaging players
There is an issue where dead extractors damage the player and the core cannot be plucked (even if a button prompt appears)

Unable to achieve 100% alliance on the planet
There is an issue where players are unable to achieve 100% alliance on the planet even after destroying the Prime and building a Starlink tower.
Workaround: Leave the planet – a new Prime will spawn, defeat it to achieve 100% alliance, bask in glory like a true starfighter ace.