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    What Nintendo IP should a new DLC crossover with?

    After mario and donkey Kong, I'm hoping for a new DLC based on Metroid even though that is extremely unlikely, in part because I wanna see how rabbid Samus would look and play

    What Nintendo IP would you wish would be the main theme of a new DLC?
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    Legend of Zelda
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    Mario & Luigi, provided Nintendo has access to all the characters after AlphaDream's unfortunate bankruptcy, but I'm someone who actually held out hope that Fawful or a Rabbid Fawful would appear in this game due to the Superstar Saga remake being the same year.
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    I know Wario Series, and giving a John Hughes film atmosphere!
    The playable characters should be a Rabbid Bowser nicknamed Bwoser, Bwoser Jr., Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Rabbid Daisy, one Rabbid from the main game and Rayman.
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