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    Bugged bounty hunters


    For the last couple of days I have had large bounties on my head, but have had no bounty hunters try to attack me for it. I was curious if this was a bug or if level 50/tier 1 mercenary disables them coming after you. If either of those disables it, they should make a quest so it's optional to have them hunt you since that was a great way to get gear
    Lemme know if anyone has an answer
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    Hey Day One Slayer! I've passed this along, thanks for your report!
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    Same issue - and it's game breaking

    Hey, I wanted to say that I have the same issue. I inhaled this game and explored a lot, am lvl 50, but only in Athens main quest wise. I noticed this bug, dunno if that's also the moment it started, when I first upgraded my spear and met with Deimos on Andros. The bounty hunter system is a good addendum, I like that they are an infinite threat. But not for me anymore, I'm afraid.

    Now that I know it's a bug, I don't wanna keep on playing since I'll have a gutted experience. I hope this gets fixed asap. I wanna keep playing, but not like this. Not with a bug of that size and consequence.

    Many people have encountered this bug and so far there is no solution to be found. Please make this an urgent matter, I didn't gear and level up to have the game lack the challenge and fun now.

    Here's what I found online: https://imgur.com/UumhBCG

    I wanna be hunted again!
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    Have the same issue on Xbox One. Can't really figure out anything specific that I've done but I am rank 4 and there is no mercenary coming after me no matter the bounty level.
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    The issues seems to be on all platforms. PC, PS4 and Xbox. I really hope this gets resolved fast.
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    Still an issue unfortunately. Hopefully someone is looking into it because the game plays much differently with the complete lack of risk :/
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