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    Odysseus's Palace Ancient Tablet

    Hey everybody!!

    I'd like to ask where the *&^$# is the ancient tablet in Odysseus's Palace! I'm looking for it for like 2-3 hours and I can't find it anywhere. From what I read online, it is looted from a skeleton at the highmost building in the palace. Obviously, I can't find it there nor anywhere else.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Same here. I see the tablet next to the scelleton, but can't interact. Think it is a bug.
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    Hi guys! Skrou, is the issue you reporting the same as sindrecp where you see it but can't interact?
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    Yeah it is. It''s right next to the skeleton but unlootable.
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    Same for me: skeleton laying on the floor of the topmost building with the tablet next to it, but I can't interact with it.
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    I'm playing on the X-Box One and it registers the Ainigimata Ostraka as found, but not the ancient tablet
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    Please check the images here

    I have highlighted the ancient tablet and the ostraka in red.

    If you are unable to collect either of them at those locations then please provide a video to show this. When you get to the location press the button to show the location objectives so I can see what you have already collected.
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