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    Update on AVX Support

    **UPDATE OCT 8**: We can confirm that the AVX related update will be rolled out with the next patch. We'll be able to share more details later this week.

    Hey everyone,

    We’ve been actively monitoring player reports about PC crashes and want to take a moment to provide you with an update on this.

    First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who got in touch with us via the various channels to provide additional information. Thanks to your support, we were able to identify the common cause of a few instances of reported crashes: the impacted CPUs didn’t support AVX – more details below.

    We heard your feedback and are now actively working on a solution to extend the supported CPUs for our players to be able to run Assassin’s Creed Odyssey without AVX support, within the minimum requirements.
    As this is an ongoing process, we are not able to provide an ETA just yet, but rest assured this is a high priority for us and we will keep you updated on the progress.

    Let’s go through a the questions that we’ve been seeing lately.

    What is ‘AVX’ and why does Assassin’s Creed Odyssey need AVX support?
    AVX stands for Advanced Vertex Extensions and essentially is a list of CPU commands. We’re using AVX because those commands are able to do some vector operations faster. With AVX we are able to get additional performance from the game.

    Which CPUs are not supported at release?
    It wouldn`t be possible to list exhaustively all the CPUs not supported. The most common processors [without AVX support] used by you are First Generation Intel Core i3,i5,i7, Pentium G and some Intel Xeon processors.
    For more details on the supported CPUs, please refer to the System Requirements article.

    What are the system requirements for ACOD?
    You can find the updated system requirements list HERE.
    They were updated to answer more in details the recent questions on PC requirements.

    I bought the game and my PC doesn`t meet the minimum requirements, what can I do?
    If you purchased the game on the Ubisoft Store please reach out to Ubisoft Support or get in touch with your retailer.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Your Assassin’s Creed Development and Community Teams
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    I hope a patch can fix this really don't wanna refund this game :/
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    Thank you so much!
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    Thanks for the update, and thanks for doing this. I realize that users who don't have AVX support are probably a small portion of your customers so you guys doing this really means a lot!
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    Thanks guys. I anxiously await the patch!
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    Thanks a lot guys, i can breathe now xD
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    Thank you forthe pleasing news, I can't waitto play this game. No refunding for me
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    Thanks a lot!! We look forward to it! Still your fans.
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    grazie ubisoft per averci ascoltato

    thanks ubisoft for listening to us
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