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    AVX hotfix?

    Can we get any official response from Ubisoft if it is gonna get hotfixed or not like Steep/Creew 2 did? You know, so people wouldn't wait for nothing and just moved on?
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    bump we need any info
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    Yes i just faced the same problem....avx...how can i run origins but not this???
    Can Ubisoft patch this or what?? Its a bit ridiculous....any info would be nice...otherwise
    will have to refund...
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    Indeed, it would save me a lot of time looking at the forum for potential news about the patch!

    There are theories and guesses that AVX is only for the DRM encryption. So...
    my THEORY: Ubisoft waits a week or so until everyone who wants the game has bought it legally. Then they can remove AVX and switch to a less secure copy protection. Anyway, in that case they can't just straight away say "Yes, next week we will remove it" - since people would just not buy the game now and wait a week counting on a cracked version... just guessing... I just hope ubisoft will silently patch AVX away in a week or so.

    The irony is that we honest customers are the ones with trouble now. I bought the Ultimate Edition and opened a support case at October 2nd (no answer). Still no joy.
    If not, who knows, maybe we even need to crack the game we paid good money for, just to get over the DRM...
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    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give hotfix
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    Yes we need hotfix
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    You know the irony is that only people who had LEGALLY bought this game are the only ones who have to go through this xD Pirates already know to wait a month of so before looking for a cracked game....

    Pro tip Ubi, pissing off your paying costumes just to maybe get money from people who where never intending to pay for you game is NOT GOOD BUSINESS!

    Making a product that reaches the most people with little or no hassle is. Make a good product that make people go 'Yeah I want to pay for this."

    you only have to look at the music industry, they have created a legal way to get music at a affordable price with no hassle at all, you by a song for 99c and download it... Thats it! LEARN FROM THIS!

    Stop BSING with your PAYING costumers because eventually all their good will is going to evaporate.... and then where will you get all of the money?
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    Hotfix it, patch out the obvious source of the issue
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    upup this problem have to be solved cuz I can't get my money back so not gonna leave my 100 euros for ubi for free ))
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