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    Developer Update: Time for Church

    Hey everyone! It’s Toller from Redlynx, and it’s time for this week’s developer update!



    For those of you wondering when you’d get to experience some Designer Decks, this week’s Challenge Mode is for you! It’s time for our first ever Designer Deck challenge! We’ve created four decks for this week, each with a specialized theme. Which one you’ll play with is randomized, and the same goes for your opponent!

    These four decks were created by our design team, and we’ve already received and shared a lot of great feedback about them! In the future we’d like to feature decks created by both content creators AND our players themselves! Put your thinking caps on, and keep an eye out for your chance to earn some sweet in-game prizes, as well as the pride of knowing the New Kids of South Park are playing with a deck built by you! When we’re ready for submissions, we’ll be posting a thread right here on our Forums!

    REMINDER: There is a chance to find the highly elusive Visitors card during this week’s Challenge mode. Please be aware that you do need to be at LEAST Rank 35 for them to unlocked and available to you.


    If you caught this week’s episode of South Park, you may have an idea of who is entering the battle as our newest card! That’s right, Priest Maxi will be available to add to your deck - barring any catastrophic issues with testing. This common Mystical card will be up for grabs all weekend long, and completing both the Team and Solo event paths will earn you at least eleven copies of this brand new card!

    This weekend’s event will be a card usage event and, as usual, there will be both Solo and Team packs to open. Please make sure you join your team before the event starts (which is usually 12 UTC), in order to be able to claim those team packs!

    This weekend’s event will run from Friday(~12 UTC) to Monday(~12 UTC).

    The following cards will be used during this event:

    • Choirboy Butters
    • Sexy Nun Randy
    • Blood Elf Bebe
    • Pope Timmy
    • Youth Pastor Craig
    • Hallelujah
    • Sheriff Cartman
    • Alien Clyde
    • Terrance and Phillip

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 5
    2 10
    3 15
    4 25
    5 40
    6 55
    7 75
    8 100

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 25
    2 75
    3 250
    4 650
    5 1200
    6 2000


    This week’s stream has been cancelled due to illness, so if you had any burning questions that you were hoping to ask, feel free to ask them right here instead!


    There will be maintenance next week! Mark your calendars for October 10th, at 8:00am UTC. The maintenance should take around one and a half hours, and we will update our social media if that changes. You know we’ll always keep you in the loop!


    You folks are blowing us away with all the amazing videos you’re sending of your best battle strategies! We’ve had some players ask us about volume issues, so we wanted to clarify what we’re looking for:

    Regular volume and sound effects are a-ok, but if you cannot get volume into your recording, we won’t turn away an amazing play just because it’s silent. What we can’t use are clips that involve copyright material we do not own, such as different songs in the background, or images added through editing. Keep it simple, and you’ll be just fine!

    That checks off everything from our list of cool news to tell you! We welcome any and all feedback about these topics, or any others! Reach out to us whenever you like. We love hearing from you!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Steve🚀, Buck🦌, and Toller🐶
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    A new Mystical card again? After Youth Pastor Craig and IMP Tweek? This will be the 23rd Mystical card, while Fantasy has only 20 cards, how is this fair?

    I'm an Adventure/Sci-fi player, but still I don't think it's okay.
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    You're kidding me, another mystical event? That 4 of the last 8. What happened to balance?
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    Wow, another Mystical event.

    Oh...look at the Mystical offer out today too, OH LOOK a SciFi one too! Who would have known!... Snicker.... Remember everyone, its a Sci-Fi \ Mystical Meta. They will milk these offers as much as possible since the Meta is one or the other. The community developers\managers really need to speak with the actual game developers and review the future releasing of cards to ensure there is no bundle up like there has been the last 2-4 months. Its quite easy to see its the Milk-Grab in process and frankly boring.

    So any updates on Bugs? The community has given many instances, videos submitted to Facebook, reddit, UBI forums, twitter etc. Can you please start fixing the bugs that have been in the game for over half a year please?

    I am sure every person in the community could go without a new card for a couple weeks while you guys fix these bugs. In a real time pvp setting your bugs create unfairness if you are running certain cards and literally change the entire state of a match. Aka any ranged Timmy, most noticeably Mecha.

    Bugs Bugs Bugs, please focus your efforts on fixing those. I know the community Dev's have little influence over the actual coding-devs and their development. But honestly its moved from comical to pathetic you cannot fix these bugs identified as I said over, and over, and over again going on for 6+ months.

    Double Coin and Double PVP weekends for the sake of Father Maxi...

    Please understand we are sick of collecting tokens for Packs that are not worth it. The only real value found in opening packs for events is coins, in game cash and a chance a Legendary. I guess epics too, but when everyone gets 2x Blue randy and maybe 1 Rogue Token (which getting to 5 is not that important anymore because of the scaling) its kinda sad the status of the packs of weekend events. They are quite frankly, trash except for luck and as said above coins & cash.

    Please review your current structure of events and please implement a two weeks in a row of double coins followed by double PVP tickets and continue to have these in the rotation of events. Honestly more people care about double PVP tickets than they do about any pack opening. Just being honest. With the state of the game, packs are very low on the scale of importance unless there is a higher chance at a legendary in them.

    Please again, move the UBI update on Tuesdays not Wednesdays. I know you once said you cant publish it until you get the information which is usually on Wednesdays, but this is a lazy response. Please communicate to your Manager that having a release of information after something has already started is shameful. There should be no real reason this update cant come on Tuesday in the communities opinion.

    Questions from the community we would like to have an actual date or ETA on.

    When are Team vs Team events coming? Can we get an actual month for planned roll-out?

    What is up with the BETA system, any updates on that?

    What is going on with the Difference in Visual of pack offers, some people have a different screen and layout then others. Is this IOS related?

    Can we actually have a no-game play Stream where we have a Questions and Answer stream? We have been asking for this for months, and still no update.

    What is the update regarding adding new cards to other classes besides Mystic?

    Is there an update on new Legendary cards being developed for other classes besides Mystical and Sci-Fi?

    Any update on the META balance update at the end of the next Season? We would like the update on any nerfs\buffs to cards a minimum of two weeks before end of season so players can determine if they want to be Milked or not.

    How come the Card-website created by the SPPD Discord community has not been advertised nor have we even seen a thank you from the Redlynx staff. So much hard work went into that and unfortunately it is very disrespectful for it not to be advertised on UBI forums, or forsake even a thank you from RL Staff. Pretty Sad someone has to ask for a thanks for the SPPD community.
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    Wow, what a surprise... more mystical, why just don't you guys remove all other themes, you can easily build a mono deck with mystical, strong enough to beat all the others...
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    Hate to dog pile on the Mystical hate but you guys have to Nerf that theme.

    People hated it before due to Zen Cartman slowing the game down or used as a cheap defense, now people hate it cause it's the strongest theme with healing spells and strong attackers... and that Master Ninjew that can dominate any other Adventure themed card in their own category.
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    can't you like... make a calendar and rotate the event themes around, so first we get adv, then sci-fi, then mystic, then fantasy, then neutral (because we need a neutral event now that's impossible to get neutral material in them). and then rinse and repeat. shouldn't be so hard. I feel like hitting someone.

    I don't use any of these cards. ugh, I guess I have Alien upgraded somehow, then I can put in belf and try to upgrade her in the weekend. I was planning to use her at some point, I liked her in the challenge. "She is immortal!"
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    Hey all!

    I know, there have been quite a few mystic releases recently. I can assure you that we have taken that feedback to our design team, and we will take this new feedback to them as well. Priest Maxi made the most sense to release with this latest episode, and there was no other theme we could have put him in. Still, I understand your frustration and I will do everything I can to make sure your thoughts are heard by our tea!

    Hersh, I'll also respond to you as soon as I can! I wouldn't want you to think I'm ignoring your post, there's just lots there to respond to, and I want to make sure there's no new information I can pass along. I'll be in touch shortly!
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    I am pumped for another new card and love that is it mystic. Maybe I am in the minority but I love the card usage events and can not wait to see what the new card does and its stats
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    All right! Let's see what I can't answer you you, Hersh!

    First of all, the bugs! I went over the bug list from the last time you sent us one, and Buck answered for each of them with information that is still accurate. As you didn't write back, I'm not sure if you saw it or not. Let me know! Beyond that, are there new bugs that you didn't put on that list you would like me to look into now for you? I don't mind in the least, so feel free to list any you're wondering about.

    I can totally let the team know people would enjoy some doubled rewards in the future! Fingers crossed it ends up on the calendar sometime soon.

    I do agree with you that Wednesday/Thursday can be a bit late for our update, especially for challenge information. Perhaps we could split the update into two parts? A short update on Monday/Tuesday, and then the event information on Thursday? After all, we would never be able to give away event information on Tuesdays now that the new season is running. We would never want to spoil anything for an upcoming episode! What do you think?

    Team vs Team is still being worked on, and there's nothing new to update you on there. Same with the Beta system, which is in the very early days of planning.

    I had no idea people were getting different pack visuals. How interesting! Do you have any screenshots I can take a look at? I can also send them to the team as well, for clarification.

    We're still looking into the idea of a Q&A stream, and we'll update you once we have anything solid planned.

    I have no information on new cards, or new card changes. It's simply too early right now.

    As to the website, do you mean Bounce's' SPPDstats site? It's a fantastic resource, I've linked to it several times and sent it to players. We've all also expressed our thanks for it, though possibly not in public channels. If you mean a different website, do let me know! I love the incredible databases that our fans create for our game. I'm always happy to check them out. The dedication is amazing, and we're always grateful.

    I hope these answers are helpful! Thanks as always for being such a passionate player!
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