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    The "Design your own Expedition" contest

    Hello everyone,

    as we've talked about in todays Anno Union Blog, this is the post where you can submit your entries.

    The rules are:
    • Come up with your very own ideas for an expedition- from mysterious encounters in lush jungles, to humorous adventures in a harbor tavern far from home or gruesome challenges on the high seas, there are few limits to what you can imagine.
    • Let’s keep it free-form: Simple concepts, short stories or even audio recordings are just some of the ways you could convey your idea.
    • Given that our team will need time to review and rate all of them, we would ask you to keep your submissions short and concise

    The deadline is October 22nd, where we'll close this thread through the course of the day.
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    GmExpresso's Expedition

    Hello there,

    As you can see "My Expedition" is based on polar expeditions that took place between the 19th and the 20th century with a lot of references to pop culture.

    Note : the title and the captain recommendation are here just for ornement it will certainly be changed

    Things we can win with this expedition :

    • Polar bear
    • Penguin
    • Walrus
    • Earless seal
    • Humpback whale
    • Beluga whale
    • Orca ...

    • Igloo
    • Frozen mammoth ...

    I don't really have a complete senario in mind but just some events

    In this event, your captain and his crew found a crack in the ice.
    • Dont explore it "It's too dangerous to be explored"
    • During the exploration of the crack you found some frozen animals (a smilodon, a prehistoric sloth, a mammoth and a prehistoric squirrel running after a nut).
      The mammoth seems to be well preserved "That belongs in a museum!"

    In this event, your captain and his crew found a horde of penguin. After a few hours of observation a member of the crew seems to be accepted as one of theirs.
    The expedition crew now call him : The King Of Penguins
    The king of penguins want to fully accomplish his destiny by staying with his "poeple".
    • Accept "He was a burden to us"
    • Accept but with a compensation "We receive a penguin couple for our zoo"
    • Refuse "His place is on this ship"

    LET IT GO...
    The ice trapped the expedition ship. The time of expedition and the risk of losing a crew member is highly increased.
    "So... who wants to build a snowmen ?"

    The expedition ship sinks "smell ice can ya?! Bleeding christ"
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    j'ai joué à un autre jeu déjà ancien (port royal) où l'on rencontrait dans une taverne des personnage louches qui vous proposait des morceaux de cartes aux trésor.
    mon idée est :
    1ère rencontre: un personnage dans une taverne qui vous fait un marché une carte du trésor contre une part du butin il vous indique l'endroit où vous pourrez vous procure un scaphandre ( que vous pourrez garder pour la suite) nécessaire à l’expédition
    2ème rencontre: la boutique du marchand achat du matériel de plongée - on peut y trouver un(e) spécialiste de la plongée - un(e) spécialiste des fonds marins

    3ème: l'expédition sous marine : votre bateau s'amarre à la verticale du trésor et un tableau s'affiche indiquant tout ce que vous pouvez remonter
    argent ( doublons espagnole par ex) dont une part va à la personne de la taverne - une autre part peut être donné à l'équipage afin d'augmenter son moral
    des bijoux anciens que vous pouvez mettre dans le musée
    des rubis et émeraudes que vous pouvez mettre sur le marché(acheter part les familles aisées)
    il peut y avoir aussi de l'or qui peut servir à augmenter votre dépôt
    des pieuvres et autres poissons exotique (raie, petit requin) que vous pouvez mettre dans votre zoo
    naturellement plus vous cochez d'options, plus le temps de l'expédition dureras

    dans ce jeu ancien il avait aussi après une tempête des restes d'épaves avec des marchandise à récupérer
    on peut reprendre cette idée en l'améliorant:
    1/ on découvre des restes d'un naufrage ; on récupère ce qui si trouve: marchandises (briques, pomme de terre coton pétrole etc.. aux choix)
    2/ si l'on dispose d'un spécialiste de fonds sous marins, il peut nous dire si on peut récupérer quelque chose au fonds . on met un marqueur et on va chercher le spécialiste
    3/ on peut recommencer l'expédition sous marine comme ci-dessus
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    Lost Romans

    Expedition Type: Archaeological
    I have tried to keep it as short and concise as I can while still making the encounter clear.

    Centered around the idea that in ancient times a roman trade mission/ships got lost and went adrift into the new world. Subsequently the survivors have made a settlement deep in the jungle along a river. These romans have clung to their romans ways and live an isolated existence mistrusting of foreigners.

    Start of the expedition:

    In your expedition you first encounter a trading post at the mouth of a river where one of your crew notices a peculiar item that is not like anything from the region. The trader explains that he got it from traders way up the river who claim they got it from a mysterious tribe known as “The red ones” (referring to the roman colour red but it could also be purple) who worship some kind of bird (Referring to the roman eagle). Intrigued your expedition sets out on this river to find this mysterious tribe.

    Expedition itself:

    During your way up the river you will encounter hostile tribes on the river.
    Small trading villages who can help you find the way.
    Forks in the river. Do you go left or right?
    Strange fish that make your crew sick.
    And dangerous predators that could attack your crew when foraging on the shore.
    (there could be more encounter options but I am trying to keep it short)

    Different crew members and items can of course help with the situations you encounter.

    Possible rewards:

    Low tier animal for your zoo.
    Low tier artifacts from trading with or defeating tribes along the way. (A face mask or a nice canoe for example)
    Low tier crew member
    Goods to help with your expedition.

    End of the expedition:

    Hurray you have finally reached the lost tribe! You see a palisade with eagle statues and for some reason banners with Latin inscriptions. In the distance you can even make out stone buildings. Before you can marvel too long a loud shout puts your crew on edge. Men dressed in armour and warlike colours gesture angrily and wave about their weapons. They seem to ready themselves for a confrontation. This could get ugly pretty fast.

    Crew members:
    With a crew member who knows Latin or is an expert in ancient history (Archaeologist, Linguist, Scholar, Anthropologist etc). You can diffuse the situation and turn it friendly reaping great rewards.
    With crew members who are adapt at combat you can defeat the enemy and plunder the place for great rewards.

    Ship stats:
    With a lot of cannons you can blow up the enemy and plunder for small/medium rewards.
    With a strong ship you can survive the encounter but only receive minimal reward(s).

    Goods: With enough goods on board you can offer up your goods in exchange for some small to medium rewards depending on the amount you have.

    Defeat: Your expedition is lost and you receive nothing.

    Possible rewards:
    Artifacts such as a gladius, roman shield, eagle standard etc.
    Items that increase stone production or other island benefits that fit with the theme (Can't really give good examples since I haven't played the game)
    Large museum (open air) objects: Roman temple/shrine, old (excavated) roman trireme/ship, statue. (or whatever is possible to make with your busy schedule)
    A bonus to “The world of Architectural wonders” fair. Or another fair that is appropriate.

    The most fun rewards would be roman influences and local tribal influences combined to create unique artifacts or structure. However this might require a lot of time and work that is simply not available so I kept the rewards more straightforward.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Rescue of forgotten civilisation

    Type of expedition: Rescue
    I hope that the length will be appropriate (I wanted everything to be understandable)

    Introduction to the expedition:
    By discovering a new island rich in mineral resources and good soil, you quickly managed to dominate the area, and develop the economy to a level that provides you with efficient communication and trade with the continent. But one day while fishing you found a human corpse which indicates that this person died of a disease known to civilized countries, and the vaccine was developed a long time ago.

    Beginning of the expedition:
    In fear of the outbreak of an epidemic, and the emergence of other unknown diseases, you decide to explore the neighboring island from which, according to the calculations of the direction of sea currents, the corpses have arrived. During the expedition to the island you meet a damaged fishing boat with 2 natives, knowing that you are close by and you are sailing in the right direction, you decide to save those condemned to a slow death in the middle of the ocean and take them on a ship.

    The course of the expedition:
    During further travel you will encounter a storm that damages the mast, so that your journey will be longer than planned on the ship there are 2 additional people that you did not take into account when doing food supplies, in addition one of your crew members has contracted an unknown disease from the local inhabitants whom you saved.

    Crew members:
    Appropriate selection of the crew and goods will determine the success of the expedition.

    Specialist on forgotten civilizations - will make it easier for you to get in touch with strangers and understand their culture.
    Military Specialist - will ensure the safety of the expedition and will allow to dominate hostile aliens, as well as repel the attack of wild animals.
    Doctor - will ensure health safety and cure illnesses that you may encounter on the expedition
    Cartographer - will make a map of the island and will be able to determine the trade route to the island you want to explore.
    Crew - will ensure efficient transport of equipment and provisions inland, so you will be able to take it more than is possible to carry each individual.
    Eating - in order to survive you have to eat something
    Medicines - Not only hungry people die

    The best choice would be to take everyone and everything, unfortunately the number of seats on the ship is limited.

    Possible prizes:
    - a new island for trade or settlement construction with plantation (full support of the local population required)
    - herbs with which you can develop new medicines
    - spices and fruit (a very valuable commodity when trading with continental residents)
    - wild animals unparalleled anywhere else (they would probably be a great attraction in not one zoo)

    Moral choices that will have a significant impact on your expedition:
    - Will you save fishermen sentenced to death? (this can give you a lot of support in a village on an island, or vice versa)
    - whether you will treat a crew member for an illness that you do not know, not knowing if you will be able to cure him, and your supply of medicines is limited (option available if we have taken medicines on board, and a doctor)
    - Will you leave a sick crew member at sea knowing that you can't cure him by risking rebellion on the ship from the others? (option available when you do not have a doctor or medication with you)
    - whether you decide to take the risk and not try to treat the patient, hoping that the local inhabitants will be able to do so (this option is available only if you have a specialist in missing civilizations on board the ship)
    - Will you reduce the food ration on the ship or will you try to hunt dolphins? (only available when we saved the fishermen and took the army with us)

    I don't describe the choices that await us on the island because it would be too long.

    The end of the expedition:
    Your expedition was successful, you gave medicine to the inhabitants, so that their people are not condemned to extinction due to an epidemic, in return, they agreed to build a port on the island and help to grow local herbs and fruit, and from time to time the inhabitants catch special animals for you.

    I hope that it is not too long, I wanted to present the expedition with the emphasis on moral choices that will have real consequences in its further part, because of the limited amount of text I described it in a minimal way, required to present the situation.
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    Vanilla Road

    Imports of vanilla from Mexico are becoming insufficient and prone to pirate raids, attempts to grow them at home failed. The brave captain Choc O'Latte is looking for investors to finance his trip around Africa's east coast, looking for suitable grounds to grow more vanilla. Will you invest a little or a lot?

    A botanist should join the crew, but there is a place for one more, be it a geologist, missionary, archeologist, navigator...

    On their way they have found mysterious statues, unique lemurs, a floating bottle with a pirate treasure map, but vanilla does not like any of the islands yet.

    Until they find Mauritius and establish a new trade route giving you your share of dividends (or killed by pirates because there was a chance the map has been a trap).
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    Originally Posted by John.w.Patts Go to original post
    j'ai joué à un autre jeu déjà ancien (port royal) où l'on rencontrait dans une taverne des personnage louches qui vous proposait des morceaux de cartes aux trésor.
    mon idée est : ...
    Salut John.w.Patts, Les règles du forum sont claires, pas d'autres langues que l'anglais. https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...32-Forum-Rules
    Merci de refaire un post en anglais dans le texte.

    //Hi John.w.Patts, the rules of this forum precise that all content has to be written in English. Please refer to the rules in the link above. Thank you.
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    Expedition to the Summit of Aconcagua

    Aconcagua: The Highest Peak in South America

    Mission Type:
    Scientific Exploration and Archaeological Exploration.

    A letter has arrived; it is crinkled and addressed Major Wesley Owens, Santiago, Chile. The letter reads that a previous expedition to summit Mt. Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America (summited in 1897), was unsuccessful and had resulted in disaster after a tremendous snow storm caught the “Lost Expedition” off guard. Major Owens claims that he is the only one left; a skilled mountaineer and climbing veteran, he managed to survive the experience. His letter asks for funding and men to outfit a second expedition to finish what had been started.

    Call to Adventure:
    After agreeing to send the required men and supplies, your ship sets sail to the New World. The mission begins in a small town in the shadow of Mt. Aconcagua. The Major, a graduate of a prestigious American University, greats your group with a bright and fuzzy face. He is jaded of his surroundings and ready to attempt the accent, but time is running out before the climbing season comes to an end and dangerous weather approaches.

    The Climb
    1) Major Owens insists on taking the time to acclimate the climbers to the elevation, but this comes with a catch. The longer your expedition acclimates the lower the chance of your expedition getting altitude sickness in the end; but, the longer you stay the more risk you run in the end of running into dangerous weather. What risk will you take?

    2) The Weather Turns
    a)(If the Group Spent any time acclimating): Dangerous weather has beset the expedition and it is threatening the entire climb. Your group has the chance to take shelter in the lower lying levels or push further up to reach more protective spots. Winds have reached 60mph and the temperature is at -20C and dropping.
    i) If the group continues: Supplies is lost in an ice slide and one climber is wounded.
    ii) If the group remains: One member contracts hypothermia but does not die, the rest of the members are safe due to the acclimation.

    b) (If the Group decided to move along with out any acclimation to the height differences): The Group makes it to the higher protective glaciers of the mountain, but dangerous weather has arrived early and is threatening the climb.There is nothing to do but take shelter amongst the glaciers. Sadly, one member dies of hypothermia and another is wounded in an ice slide. Supplies is lost.

    3) Body In the Ice
    a) If You Have an Archaeologist
    Necessary time is spent to recover the body, but at least you can bring something back (receive the Aconcagua Mummy to bring home). The mummy is later identified as Inca and from 500BP.

    b) If There is No Archaeologist
    You continue leaving the priceless body in the ice, there is nothing that you can do without damaging it. The weather is too cold.

    4) Summit in Sight
    a) No matter what was chosen in the previous situations the weather has become dangerous to the expedition. High winds and inhuman conditions make climbing almost impossible. Major Owens says that he is going on, with or without you.
    i) You and the expedition continue. You give your men a rousing speech to restore their hope in the success of the mission. (50/50 on continuing; 70/20 if Military member present; will help raise moral). Come Hell or High Water the expedition will summit the mountain. Hell is beginning to freeze over one member says.
    ii) You and the expedition begin the decent. The rousing speech was not enough. You see the Major vanish into the snow. His last words “I must join them.” Your group begins the decent, empty handed (unless you have the mummy).

    The Summit
    1) Final Ascent
    a) The Final Glacier is in sight. Major Owens, approaching you with icicles in his beard, explains that it is necessary to climb. Your men are losing hope.
    i) You use ropes to ensure that no one is lost to the wind (Necessary Supplies needed, increases chances of not losing men in the climb +10% chances of reaching the top).
    ii) You distribute the ice picks (Necessary Supplies needed, increases chances of reaching the top +10% chances of reaching the top).
    iii) You go for it (You either have extra help or you don’t 50/50).

    2) The Top
    a) All Perish in the Climb or
    b) “Ice Slide!” Major Owens yells. “No matter what, someone must reach the top!” Ice begins to rain from a ledge above, but one can see the sun shining above the clouds.
    Major Owens is hit by a large piece of ice and is mortally injured in the climb. When the group reaches the top the emotions of rising above the clouds and seeing the
    earth under you are all that is on the crew’s mind. The clouds begin to break, and the roof of the Southern Hemisphere is at your feet. It is a good day for science. Major
    Owens, with what remaining strength he has, peers over the sight he had been dreaming of for a long time. He dies sometime later; a combination of hypothermia, a
    fatal strike from falling ice, and exposure. Your expedition buries him on top of the summit he so dearly loved.

    Spoils of the Expedition:
    -Major Owens' Notebook; full of scientific data. (Must Complete the Mission)
    -The Aconcagua Mummy to display. (Must have Archaeologist and not fail the mission)
    -A stone from the summit (Must reach the summit)
    -A Veteran Low Temperature Explorer

    Just looking back at how it said free-form; I do hope that this is not too structured. There are different encounters that can occur while climbing the mountain, such as finding the "Lost Expedition" and getting supplies, crossing a dangerous ravine, more snow storms, and an encounter with a Guanaco that could be put in the zoo.

    Thanks for looking over the story!
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    It is Monday, my friends.

    With this, we'll close the contest. Thank you for all your entries! We'll be busy reading/watching them.
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