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    Screen resolution issue

    Hello. Experiencing issues where the game in fullscreen only fills half the screen: videos play centered on half screen size, game plays on full width but half height.
    That is fixed when I play windowed, then scaling is correct, but I have the ugly window frame. Windowed with no frame experiences the same bug as fullscreen.
    Some past game exhibiting similar behaviour had a Zoom factor (e.g. Mass Effect 4) that was correcting the issue, fyi. Also to note: I played AC:Origins with the same machine/resolution without any issue at all.

    Playing on Bootcamp iMac Pro Vega64.
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    What resolution are you using? What operating system are you running in bootcamp?
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    Win10, screen (desktop + game) resolution of 2560x1440, drivers 18.8.2

    Windowed screenshoot:

    Borderless/fullscreen screenshot:
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    I have the exact same issue. Bootcamp iMac. Win 10. Radeon Pro 580. 2560x1440. Using drivers 18.9.3. Did not have this issue with AC.Origins. Or with any other games.
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    same issue for months no solution... i couldnt play that game cause of it for months...imac (bootcamp windows 10) -_-
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