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    Calm down people. Its not a crash. Its an animus glitch called real life.

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    I have an 8th Gen core i5-8400 and it's not working as well. Seriously, got the pre-order ultimate to play today but it can't even start dammit
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    Support Ticket: 07079110

    So much for "Early access" not to mention I took a day off for this.
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    I cannot load the game either, it crashes immediately after the warning about seizures. I have followed the instructions provided by ubi-bandicoot. Here is my ticket number: 07079169
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    If anyone is running MSI afterburner try exiting it and running the game. Any overlays, I think, will cause the game to crash because of Ubisoft's own overlay.
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    this is the same issue with AC Origins! My PC runs the game at 80+ FPS if it somehow gets in game and doesn't crash. But now I'm already lucky if I can see the loading screen with Bayek running!

    Lucky I hesitated to pre-order the game even when I have enough Steam credits on my wallet.

    Getting it on PS4 then.
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    Same here(gold version), thought I will try the game before going to work, but couldn't get past the epilepsy warning screen. Will send dxdiag etc when I get back home in the evening. Pre-order gold my ***.. Right now it looks like that I am lucky, if I can start playing at the same time than others.
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    Bought the Ultimate edition to get the early access and this is what makes it even more frustrating.

    The game will not launch. It crashes on startup and asks to send a crash report. I did that several times and it does not work. I also tried clean boot and several other steps mentioned in the forums like verify game, run as an admin etc...

    Ubisoft Support Ticket: 07080082

    Please help
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    Crashing at some point in intro cinematic every time. My rig is a couple years old but exceeds their minimum...

    Intel Core i7-6700HQ
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M
    16G memory

    Shouldn't be a problem...

    Is there a problem with the overlay, which ahs been an issue before? Can we disable that (or add something else) in startup arguments?
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    I also keep crashing. I submitted a ticket but don't think I will get a response tonight

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