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    Give me your Honest Opinion

    How often do you manage to hit with Orochis Heavy deflect in 1 v 1 ?
    to me it seems a total piece of **** move now. which is so easy to dodge, as if deflecting was an Easy Issue with that Block have priotity over deflect window.
    it can no longer be chained into light attack either... so youre helpless once failed.
    while Hls and many Other Broken F*** have safe 45 Damage with a 50kg heavy sword and its damn fast. some of them even track you and give you very liitle time and space to dodge.

    This is where The unbalance starts.
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    Originally Posted by SangLong524 Go to original post
    Dear OP, I just played orochi. Hurricane Blast can still be feint into Wind Gust, aka light deflect.
    Of course you can but i ment heavydeflect into regular light attack follow up , whether u hit with heavydeflect or not. A light follow up was always Possible. But now you dont have this option, which leaves you completely open to Gbs.

    why Woud you go for Heavy Deflect into light ? if you can use light deflect straight away ? you have sucha little time to react to opponents actions.. and most of the time you go light anyways.
    Heavydeflect into GB is being interrupted most of the Time because you no longer have hyperarmor... if you still land the Gb.
    you get heavy damage as punish ... the same damage as lightdeflect.. all the fancyness make no sense to me. They all cost Stamina.

    they have to rework heavydeflect in something more promising but hard to master.

    I find it very sad.. that heavy deflect was reduced in sucha Useless Tool.
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    After you succesfully hit with heavydeflect. you were able to chain it into light Like Wardens zone into Heavy
    even if youd fail heavydeflect you could use a light as followup. to prevent any Gbs once failed..

    now you are completely Open.
    its soooo easy to dodge. it has no tracks either like it used to have.. Back then you had to dodge heavydeflect at the right time.

    I mean yeah it wasnt easy but managable..
    if devs say it was Op.. Then what about HL KICKGRAB Nonsense ? it requires no skill especially in 4 v 4. he can spamm it. and abuse it once youre in Oos Mode.

    Dude, thinking about it makes me so sick.
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    Heavy deflect is guaranteed on some moves. (too lazy to go find the list.) if you truly are good enough to fight people who always know how to avoid the HB then there is your answer.
    But if you don't play with those kind of people you have options. Soft feint into wind gust covers dodge attacks. Soft feint into GB covers empty dodges. Dodge out of into storm rush counters rolling. and the move has HA so hitting you out isn't possible.
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