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    SCORE system is COMPLETELY Re*arde*.

    Often there's people with higher capture, and higher kill counts yet they have lower score than people with lower kills & captures?
    Can anyone explain the scoring in this game? ONLY+5 FOR KILLING A HERO?
    It's like the game doesn't even want you to engage in fights, because the reward is almost nothing for it.
    You will actually do better and win more games, running from the enemy than engaging them.
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    I don't really get the score system either. I play a Vanguard most the time. Cap Zone A, kill soldiers on my own at Zone B. Kill the one guy defending Zone C. Boost C until we lose B and then i move in to kill soldiers and capture B again. Get a few 1v1 kills here and there while moving in between zones, capping/boosting when i can and running from 3v1's. Meanwhile my team who i haven't really seen for the entire match are all top of the scoreboard with me being 3rd or 4th.

    Not sure why. Maybe standing at A the whole match getting kills by ganking enemies 3v2 and 3v1 and reviving each other gives you a load of points?
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    A lot of it is luck, fighting 1v1, or outnumbered is the best way to get a higher score, you can have 20 takedowns and have a low score if you are ganking for those kills.

    Getting kills in outnumbered fights gets a ton of points, so does going on kill streaks, killing your rival from the other team increases point gain as well as killing enemies while defending a zone. Revives give a good amount of points too. Killing a player that just killed you gives you a revenge bonus for points as well.

    If you have a good hero for clearing the soldier point, that's B point in most maps, then that's a good way to rack up quick easy points while also helping your team.
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