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    Connectivity Error code 0_1

    I wanted to play during free to play, but I am getting this error: error code 0_1. Any one else getting this error code too?


    Any help is appreciated!
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    UbiMatcha's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey DcantTheHybrid!
    This is usually associated with connectivity issues, I recommend following this troubleshooting.
    Let us know how you get on!
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    No luck at all. Tried almost everything except port forwarding and host files. I just bought my laptop an downloaded ubisoft and crew 2 and am living on a college campus so i have no idea what the problem is. Every other game works for me.
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    College campuses can cause issues because the internet service is not private, and it's difficult to resolve these issues if you do not have access to the router. What sort of internet connection are you using?
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    Same issue, except my error code is 0_2, I got the game weeks ago and was streaming (still am currently at the time of writing) the game, it literally kicked me from the game and won't allow me to play with the servers down which I find stupid.

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    I use wireless on my bed and wired at my desk. The internet uses WPA2. [IMG][/IMG]
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    Mobile hotspot on my phone gives me this error. [IMG][/IMG]
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    I just wanted to say, thank You Ubisoft, for that free weekend on the game, because of that i saved some money, i always thought that the first game it's not working cause maybe it's old, the servers are shutdown or something like that, but none of that was true, this game just don't work for me, and it's not something on my end, because every other game works perfectly fine, i even contact my ISP for blocked ports, nothing is blocked, only having problems with Ubisoft games. So once again, thank You Ubisoft for the free weekend .
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    Error code 0_1

    Same same same, i have been reading posts on the net ,it looks like they go as far back as 2016 ish . .what a waste of time.
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    Hello everyone, if still encountering connectivity issues with The Crew 2 on PC at this time, I would first recommend that you complete our initial connectivity troubleshooting steps from this FAQ.

    If, after every step is completed, issues persist, do not hesitate to open a support case with our team and attach a screenshot of your completed portforwarding for analysis.

    The 0_1 and 0_34 errors are ones that so far, we have been unable to reproduce on our side, so we will need to investigate further and collect as much data as possible in order to try and help you all. We're committed to improving the player experience and value all reports submitted by players.
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