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    Developer Update: Welcome to Season 22

    Hey everyone! It’s Toller from Redlynx, and it’s time for this week’s developer update! Let’s get started!



    As you’ve already seen, this week’s Challenge Mode is the DISCOUNT CHALLENGE! This means that ALL cards will cost 1 energy less than usual! This will make it easier to use higher costs cards, but it will also mean you’ll need to watch out for those pesky low cost assassins, as they’ll be even easier to use! In order to properly defend an assassin spam push, I’d recommend a spell like Arrowstorm or Poison, but a well-placed Rogue Token can do some damage, too! If you also want to be prepared for those high cost decks, you can add an instant removal card like Unholy Combustion or Transmogrify, just as a back-up.

    The rewards and retry costs are also the same as in last week’s Challenge.


    As most of you have probably seen by now, the BRAND NEW season of South Park premiered on Wednesday, September 26th at 10 PM ET/PT on Comedy Central.

    This weekend’s event will be a token collection event and, as usual, there will be both Solo and Team packs to open. Please make sure you join your team before the event starts (which is usually 12 UTC), in order to be able to claim those team packs!

    This weekend’s event will run from Friday(~12 UTC) to Monday(~12 UTC).


    Our Live Streams continue to entertain and/or enrage! Tune in this Friday at 9:15 AM PST/12:15 PM EST to hang out with ThatDarnSteve and It’sJustBuck as they answer your questions and play as many matches as they can. I’ll be there too, hanging out in chat and giving away all kinds of great prizes, including the coveted South Park: Phone Destroyer t-shirts! You won’t want to miss it! These are some seriously comfy shirts.


    Our next balance update will take place at the season reset, on Tuesday October 2nd.

    • Le Bard Jimmy
      -Base Warcry max health reduction increased from -25 to -50
      -Base Warcry will now also damage all enemies by 50 prior to max health reduction

    • Outlaw Tweek
      -Base HP increased from 63 to 80
      -Base attack increased from 13 to 20
      -Warcry damage now hits all targets in the blast radius evenly (previously targets on the outside would receive minimal damage)
      -Warcry damage decreased at base from 100 to 70 (from 10 to 7 on the New Kid)
      -Warcry damage on the outer edge of the radius increased from 10 to 70

    • Robin Tweek
      -Base attack increased from 13 to 20
      -Base HP increased from 63 to 80

    • Canadian Knight Ike
      -Base HP increased from 60 to 88
      -Base ability health boost increased from 20 to 30

    • Marine Craig
      -Base Warcry damage against the New Kid increased from 4 to 5 per second
      -Base Warcry damage against enemy units increased from 8 to 10 per second
      -Total Warcry duration decreased from 6 to 5 seconds
      -Increased the area of effect (AoE) of the Warcry ability from 1.8 to 2.5

    • Mimsy
      -Base HP increased from 400 to 500
      -Base attack increased from 20 to 24

    • Gunslinger Kyle
      -Base attack increased from 15 to 20

    • Dark Mage Craig
      -Increased the area of effect (AoE) of his Warcry ability from 1.8 to 2

    As mentioned above, the season reset will take place on October 2nd at 8AM UTC. All players in Legendary will be rewarded, based on their tier, which can be seen on the Legendary Leaderboard. All players below 10,000 LSR when the legendary season reset occurs will be moved down to PvP rank 50. Good luck with the remainder of the season!

    That’s all the news we have for now. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. We love hearing from our players!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Steve🚀, Buck🦌, and Toller🐶
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    For what class we will have the next event?
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    How many points do we need in this weekend's event?

    By the way it would be much-much better if you restored challenges retry cost to 25 cash. Now I or don't give another try or just one time, with 25 cash I'd redo 3-4 times. It's not worth it now, too risky.
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    There has not been Neutral event for a quite some time. Will it be Neutral themed event?
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    Feel like you should have looked at the issue a bit different with Le Bard rather than simple number adjustments.

    What you're proposing now is that Le Bard at Level 1, simply by being deployed to the battlefield, will kill Rats and Pigeons as high as Level 6. I understand a big part of his use is to counter swarms, but this is simply too large a disparity when you compare the energy costs and rarity of these cards. It completely nullifies swarms as defensive units.

    The problem has never been that Le Bard doesn't do enough damage. He impacts the entire battlefield and gives you an extra unit so he should have low damage on his war cry. The problem with him is that he reduces maximum health of units, meaning that most of the time all non-swarm enemies on the field have already suffered some damage and so placing him is doing nothing to them.

    What should be happening is keeping his war cry at a similar level as it has always been, but allowing him to inflict direct damage to all units on the field when played. So just like arrow storm but much less damage. He should kill swarms when played, but only at his own level (or maybe if they're one level higher). This is what would make him more appealing to use while retaining some balance.
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    Dark Mage Craig

    Dark Mage Craig
    -Increased the area of effect (AoE) of his Warcry ability from 1.8 to . Of all 4 Craig cards, dark mage has the least popularity ... And you make it the slightest change. I seriously do not understand why not improve this card, for example, to increase the range of attack. Sorry for my English.
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    I guess most of the changes will be meaningless to the current epic meta. Talking about epics, when are we going to finally be able to request and donate epics, guys?
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    So Mystic is still king, unabated? Got it.
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    wondering why tweek/ike combo got a boost, really. whenever I play against that I usually spell kill ike since he becomes basically invincible. but okay... still.. why?

    what about the event? we need a neutral one sooo much.
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    These card changes seem to me to be able to really change things up in regard to viability. I wonder if you can please provide information about the scaling of the cards. Please post their stats for maxed level 5 and 6.

    Kind regards
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