I don't know if any of my post in the past have told I play For Honor on PS4, but yeah i do. I've been seeing post on here about how people want there to be no stamina bar, all I've got to say is please for the love of all that is holy don't do this!! I don't know what your guys's thoughts are on the stupid request but if you were to go with this then consoles need to be put to 60 fps! it would at least then give the console players a better chance at reacting to the spam heavy characters Aramusha, Orochi, Valkyrie, and that's just to name a few! On console 30 fps makes the speed of the characters seem godly compared to when i watch this game on PC where it's 60 fps and much more manageable to deal with their attacks. This stupid idea would make any spam & dodge heavy character pretty much impossible to deal with, and they already are for the 30 fps speed makes the slower characters pretty much useless against them. Not only that it would take away from the realism of the game! No warrior in reality would be able to just keep fighting without ever having to stop to take a breathe behind friendly lines, having to run around in heavy armor and swing around heavy weapons was and is a serious drain on a human being ESPECIALLY in the heat of intense combat with another highly skilled warrior! Taking away the stamina bar to appease just a handful of players is a terrible idea and should not be considered. I get getting stamina broken instantly with feats or not having your stamina regen when you need it most is annoying, but until the new gear stat system drops with Marching Fire then build your character to have more efficient stamina focus! Taking away the stamina bar would also just take away like half of the current stats and allow the players who already have their spam characters jacked up with insane defense and attack to totally abuse the players who didn't build their characters around those two stats, and with how toxic this community can get with the spamming and ganking abuse a lot of people will once again put this game down and not touch possibly ever again because they would not be able to bear the chore of getting the right gear to rebuild their character when they are going game after game getting the living hell beaten out of them by the toxic meta players.