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    Originally Posted by Muckibudenjoe9 Go to original post
    can you please port this map to xbox and playststion:

    Sorry buddy it's way over budget, solo maps on PC can be almost double the console budget it depends on how much you cram in to them, I even looked at taking a lot out of the map but that didn't work - the map looks great but unfortunately it's PC only due to the amount of items.

    Originally Posted by jcoffeycup73 Go to original post
    I'm usually hesitant to even ask for a single port of any of my maps knowing that all of this is voluntary and time consuming.
    Are you still using mods jcoffeycup73? I managed to port a handful of your maps but had to replace some of the enemies as they were from Steve 64b's mod, also deleted some other modded items.
    Some other maps were over console budget, love your work although I have not been playing much Far Cry the last 6 months, if you can name maps that don't have mods and within budget I will port them.
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