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    This is the first time I'm requesting something like this, but can these be re-uploaded to PC and Xbox One? Both have been updated with change-able environmental settings. I've also mostly fixed a problem in CA II where you could easily see the edge of the map when looking east or west. Still visible when on the bridges (which the rail bridge now has stairs) but otherwise looks far better. The first CA now has highlighted AI, which for such a large map I thought was a very necessary change. There's some other smaller changes, including loadout changes.

    City Assault:

    City Assault II:

    For Xbox One, I've noticed the first City Assault is already uploaded as Urban Chaos (since Assault is censored unfortunately). City Assault II can just be named Urban Chaos II. If the original City Assault is still uploaded as City Assault [Clear], then feel free to delete that. The storm version can stay but will not be updated.
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    I was wondering if you could port my map Stand Your Ground 3 to Ps4

    Also my map Deception Pass 2 to ps4 as well, please
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