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    ... and no mention of the RTX fix. So bare minimum another month or two probably if lucky
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    Looks like this is fixed for me with the new update.

    I've been playing for the last couple hours without any crashes while in the inventory or anywhere else........Yet

    2080ti with a 9900k

    Will update if situation changes
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    Just updated and tried again - first time it seemed to be working fine for a bit, then I crashed when exiting the menu after watching an intel video. Second time I booted it up, it crashed immediately after pressing "I" to go into the menu, then "ESC" to exit.
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    same here, since patch 4. in ghostmode when trying to access the ammocrates to change weapons. never ever had this issue before. playing since day 1.
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    yea this patch didn't fix it.. still crashing...
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    Unfortunately it looks like this error still remains

    This Morning after the new Patch was downloaded I played for about 5-6 hours WITHOUT any crashes in the Inventory, Ammo box or in game.
    This Evening logged in to play some more after the positive feedback from my morning play time, Game crashes the first time I go to the Inventory along with the 2 repeated restart attempts.

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    just a reminder to all in the thread.

    This error occurs only if you...
    have an RTX card
    are in online mode
    have a new item in your inventory
    then try to access your inventory

    when testing if something works make sure all of this criteria is met.
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    Update to all

    All of the criteria was met when played in the morning without crashes same goes for this evenings attempts with inventory crashes.
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    So after months of this problem, I still don't get to play online? Great. It worked for a couple hours after I patched the game, now it crashes every time.
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    Change that, mine also crashes when offline and the other criteria are met.
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