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    Multiplayer Unplayable

    The multiplayer lags like if it was running 5fps, but is running at 30fps fixed.
    I don't have this problem with single player, only multiplayer (like if it was skipping frames/stutter).
    I know there's an option to enable/disable frameskipping but it doesn't do anything at least for me.

    I can't play multiplayer.
    It is not using 100% of CPU or GPU or RAM or DISK

    i3-3217u 1.8ghz
    nvidia gt740m 2gb vram
    8gb ram ddr3

    Single Players works fine (fixed/solid 30fps)
    Multiplayer is the problem. (it shows is its 30fps but it looks like 5fps and skipping)

    Any Solution/Help?
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    Ps: Local Multiplayer also works fine.
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