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    Transference Feedback


    first of all, I want to congratulate the team for the successful launch of Transference.
    I think it's an awesome game and I have really enjoyed playing it in VR.

    Performance is great for how good it looks, and you can easily use 200% supersampling or even higher on a GTX 1080 ti.

    However, there were a couple of issues that I encountered in my playthrough:
    (I'm playing on a Vive, Windows 10 Enterprise 1803, SteamVR Beta Branch, Nvidia Drivers 399.07, if that even matters)

    1. Automatic switching between seated/standing is very jarring there should be an option to disable it.
    When playing standing and trying to physically duck/crouch, the game will assume you want to enter seated mode and increase your height.
    When you stand up moments later you're essentially a giant until the game shrinks you again. This results in two involuntary perspective changes everytime you try to pick something up or crouch

    2. The game often turns you around 180° for no discernible reason.
    Unfortunately, I don't have the perfect steps to reproduce but it happens quite a lot and it is definitely not me pressing the grip buttons or right touchpad.
    The game just decides that you need to face the other way and force changes your perspective (very jarring).

    3. The collision detection is very rigid and makes it hard to enter doorways.
    At times it can be nigh impossible to pass through a door, especially if you use physical body turning instead of touchpad rotation.
    To overcome this issue, I often have to recenter with grip button and then use smooth turning to wiggle trough the doorway.

    4. The SteamVR Chaperone Bounds don't show up.
    I've punched my wall a couple of times because the chaperone bounds don't show up in this game.
    This might be related to me buying directly on Uplay and starting the game from there instead of Steam.

    Stay awesome Ubi!
    Best Regards,
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    Für den Inhalt zu Teuer

    Auch wenn das Spiel sehr viel Spaß macht, für 1 Stunde und 40 Minuten Spielzeit ist es das Geld nicht Wert. Ich finde es eine Frechheit für so wenig Spielzeit 25 Euro zu verlangen und es nichtmal irgendwo in irgendeiner weise zu erwähnen das es nur so kurz ist.

    Für mich ist es Abzocke und Verarsche.

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