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    Developer Update: Medusa Bebe Strikes Back

    Hey everyone! It’s Toller from Redlynx, and it’s time for this week’s developer update!



    This week’s Challenge Mode is called Glass Dagger! Those sneaky Assassins of yours will be dealing extra damage, but their health will be cut in half! Ranged units may be especially useful this weekend for New Kid defense, and many Fighters will one-hit KO Assassins. If you’re having trouble dealing with the added Assassin damage, you may want to consider running Arrowstorm, Poison, or Alien Queen Red to get rid of waves of Assassins quickly, or else using cards which will mitigate damage (Stan the Great, or Kyle of the Drow Elves, for example).

    The rewards and retry costs are also the same as in last week’s Challenge.


    This weekend, the Legendary Medusa Bebe will be the focus of our event! Hercules Clyde will also be along for the ride! You’ll have a better chance to earn copies of both cards, and all the rewards for this event will be for the Mystical theme. This event will be a card usage event. This means you’ll use selected cards in order to earn points per match won, and those points will allow you to open event packs.

    The following cards are eligible for the event:

    • Medusa Bebe
    • Hercules Clyde
    • Choirboy Butters
    • Hermes Kenny
    • Warrior Token
    • Stan The Great
    • Hookhand Clyde

    As usual, there will be both Solo and Team packs to open. Please make sure you join your team before the event starts (which is usually 12 UTC), in order to be able to claim those team packs.

    This weekend’s event will run from Friday(~12 UTC) to Monday(~12 UTC).

    By completing this week’s event, you’ll also be able to earn a unique, never before seen outfit for your New Kid!

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 5
    2 10
    3 20
    4 35
    5 50
    6 70
    7 95
    8 125

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 30
    2 100
    3 350
    4 850
    5 1500
    6 2500


    For those of you who have been missing the fun of our Live Streams, we have great news! This week we’re back! Returning to our standard date and time of Friday at 9:15 AM PST/12:15 PM EST, we’ll have ThatDarnSteve and BlueBadger400 on the couch, as well as myself hanging out in both the Twitch and Facebook chats! We’ve missed you all and can’t wait to answer your questions, play some matches, and (of course) give away as much sweet loot as we can cram into two hours!


    In other video news, we have launched our brand new video series this week, Battle Breakdowns! In case you missed the first episode, you can catch up right here:

    This is going to be an ongoing series and we want YOU (yes, you!) to send in your very best battle clips for future episodes! Those chosen will earn not just internet fame but also some serious prizes! So don’t delay! Send us your best strategies through any of our social media channels. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,or you can reach out to us here on the forums.


    After our latest changes to matchmaking, we’ve noted that players in Legendary who face deranking New Kids weren’t receiving LSR for their wins. We’re hoping to conduct a server maintenance to remedy that situation next week. We are also looking into an issue where users may have lost LSR despite winning, which should never be the case. We’ll have more info on a fix for this next week.


    Our next balance update will take place at the season reset, and will include changes to some specific common cards which aren’t currently performing as we’d like. This update will be focused specifically on improving the usability to specific cards (such as Outlaw Tweek, and Le Bard Jimmy, among others) and will not include any reductions to stats.

    That’s all the news we have for now. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. We love hearing from our players!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Steve🚀, Buck🦌, and Toller🐶
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    I hope draws can become meaningful for any event format.
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    Hi guys, love the game but I think there are things that could be improved:

    Locker rewards, it is really awful getting one common from lockers, at least you should something like: 5 commons, 3 rares, 2 epics and 1 leg.

    Decks now are just full of legendaries and it is always the same deck, why do not you limit the numbers of legendaries per deck to 2, 1 per theme, that would force people to be more creative and not just using all their leggendaries but other cards.

    Implement a trading system between players of the same team for legendaries and epics.

    Implement a weekly reward depending on your rank, that would encourage players to always stay on the top and not only at the end of the season.
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    Can you please start making the list of cards we can use to get points larger? I know you're going with a theme and trying to encourage people to spread out their rescources and keep all their cards balanced, but let's be honest, no one actually does that. Besides, the lists are so small, even if you do use that theme, there aren't many cards to choose from anyway. And the points you need to get vs how many cards you have available to you seems a little unrealistic. Especially when one is a legendary that not a lot of people are going to have/use.
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    I share the same sentiments with In_the_Creek, I often end up skipping events that are not Fantasy or Adventure due to min maxing so hard in order to get to the top 2000 in Legendary rank.

    Maybe increase the points gained depending on your rank so it's worth it to stay in Legendary instead of going down for easy wins at silver.
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    TFW I use 7 mystic cards in my main roster, and not a single one of them is featured in a mystic event. Oh well, time to level choirboy to 2 and drop down some.
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    Deranking punishment

    Many are upset w new update regarding deranking. Not cool being a 44 silver being matched up against #22 legend many will be quitting think u guys made huge mistake. It is now a more pay to play game then ever before. There were other ways to combat deranking but I think it's more a $ thing for ubisoft being greedy. I'm never gonna be able to get to legendary now. Thanks
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    tfw people are getting salty that they've only pumped certain cards and neglected others so don't want to do the events.

    I'd just like to throw out there that I'm not a heavy cash spender. I throw £10 on this game every few weeks or so to help me get through locker events a bit quicker but I don't buy myself card packs or anything like that. All the legendaries I've gotten have been RNG, I didn't buy any of them. I did spend my initial few months not spending a penny on this game at all so I know how rough it can be and I'm mainly a Blue/Orange player. My Green and Red cards have only really ever been levelled in order to help me in events.

    They used to have a wider range of cards you could use during card point events in the past (you could get like a +7 or +8 if you made a deck with all available cards), but the overall solo/team requirements were also higher.as well and people were complaining they were asking for too much from players then. They've been shaving down on score goals for events and people are still complaining about how they now want more options and more points available to them so that they can finish the event quicker.

    Even if they fixed it for you the way you wanted you're just gonna find something else to be unhappy with. I can see why having a wider variety of card options would be nicer so you have more options on how to build, don't get me wrong, but you can't lower the score requirements during the weekend event and keep it so you can get a +8 deck because then the weekend event isn't even a weekend event anymore. If you're really out of things to do IRL on a particular day (I get most people have lives, I'm not saying you should no life this game it's just a point) you can finish your solo in a day whether it's points or locker based.

    The joke in the game when you start is about a kid who's on his phone all the time so the concept of putting time in playing to finish an event/get somewhere isn't even a sneaky trick.

    The fact that some people have chosen to pump everything into only a a couple of cards in order to compete in ranked is completely your choice in playstyle. I don't play completely balanced either, considering how scarce upgrade materials can be when you wait for the shops day to day unless you pay for packs I have chosen some favourites and neglected a lot of others and have ended up involuntarily losing elo because my deck is not up to par with what my usual elo is due to my deck being whack, but it is what it is, and I still throw a few levels into cards so that they're borderline useful.

    This whole "I'm min maxing these few cards to compete and I don't have anything else levelled" is the reason why so many people got mad when they did tier balancing so that certain normal cards weren't stupid OP for what they were and made tier power differences more distinguishable because the cards they spent all their time pouring resources into were no longer facerolling. But at least it's now easier to get a decent rank! lel. Choosing not to participate in events because you haven't levelled the cards and/or don't want to level the cards is also your choice.

    A lot of people experiment when they first start the game and cards we're used to seeing at higher ranks aren't usually what players immediately go towards until they have more experience and/or notice the trend in other players so I can understand having niche cards that aren't widely used in the selection. Events aren't required to have meta card options in every list so you can use your OP cards/feel inclined to participate. You can easily take a hit in elo during a weekend event and bring it back up during the week with your regular deck it's just more than likely an issue if you don't like losing PvP battles til you find your sweet spot where you can compete and win again.

    I do, however, agree that the new matchmaking system to combat deranking should be looked at again. A lot of people who weren't even intended targets for the new system are getting hit and it's kind of unfair. If you're going by player level it can be really misleading esp as you get exp for every card donation you do in your clan so someone can easily be of high NK level due to donating a lot to their teammates and not actually be particularly strong card/deck wise. I suppose deciding the matchmaking on NK level seemed like a good idea at the time but NK level doesn't really mean much. You can be low-ish NK level but really strong literally 'cause you've only levelled the one deck and nothing else, just as you can be high NK level and not that strong because you spread your resources over all decks so you can be more versatile or you're a heavy card donator and you shouldn't suffer for being a team player.
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    Originally Posted by In_the_Creek Go to original post
    Can you please start making the list of cards we can use to get points larger? I know you're going with a theme and trying to encourage people to spread out their rescources and keep all their cards balanced, but let's be honest, no one actually does that. Besides, the lists are so small, even if you do use that theme, there aren't many cards to choose from anyway. And the points you need to get vs how many cards you have available to you seems a little unrealistic. Especially when one is a legendary that not a lot of people are going to have/use.
    And one more thing I must add is with these events I end up deranking like crazy because I'm forced to use a bunch of cards I don't normally use. And I was so close to rank 50 too!
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    Thanks for lowering the event totals and the cards necessary to gain them. Here's a present for you.

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