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    Transference Teleport locomotion

    Hello guys,

    Recently I've tried Transference Demo on PS VR. I've seen that there are several options for rotation (pie-chart or smooth), but there's nothing about locomotion. There's just one type of it through gamepad. I've got prolonged nausea during a smooth transition in VR games, that's why I have a question: is there any chance for teleport locomotion option in Transference? I've been waiting for this game since E3 2017, however now I doubt I can play it without discomfort.

    Regards, Artem.
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    Hello there!

    Transference includes a few different options to help with motion sickness- you can read the full details in this FAQ. Teleport locomotion is not currently available in the game, but I'll pass your suggestion along to the rest of the team!
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