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    To bigbow62: I have left OTHG

    I can tell from all your posts since I started a Discord server that it's been occupying you a lot that there is a second hangout, given that you stress this in literally all your posts. It has caused a lot spicy debate that I started this thing, despite my good intent. I like to give a bit of a positive swing to this:

    I've been doing some statistics on the forums in the last few months, and the poorest month has been May. Only on three days that month did we post, this was before the Discord (and the reason why I started it). If you look at when I launched the Discord server, activity on the forums exploded for a couple of days. If you count the posts in the last few months you'll find that the forum has been more active in the last two months than in the four months before that. Despite the Discord being used every day, the forum sees multiple posts per day now that Rising is on the agenda. I don't think there is anything to fear.

    I think it's safe to say now that the forum is not dead, but it just needed some triggers. Also the Discord hasn't taken activity away from the forum, if at all it increased it. It's uniting the PS4 and the Xbox group, and it seems to me they (Discord and forum) can live side by side. But you do not agree and I'm tired of the discussion it seems to trigger on the Discord every few weeks.

    You clearly don't want this
    You seem obsessed by this, this is JUST from yesterday, and you're doing it in nearly all your posts since the Discord is around:

    Originally Posted by bigbow62 Go to original post
    The OTHG Clubhouse...the place where the OTHG magic takes place
    ( beginning way back in June 2012 ) 😎
    Yesterday Trials Rising Beta topic:
    Originally Posted by bigbow62 Go to original post
    partying it up in our sweet OTHG Clubhouse 🏡
    Yesterday, membership list topic:
    Originally Posted by bigbow62 Go to original post
    .....and welcome again all of you PS4 players and gamers from the other tread that will be a place you can visit if you want but is no way by any means an
    OTHG CLUBHOUSE.... There will only be one and this is it just like it's been for many years ..... through the great and not so great years.....but get ready OTHG'sters the great days are on there way back.
    Yesterday, a new post called: The-one-and-only-OTHG-clubhouse
    Originally Posted by bigbow62 Go to original post
    Hi OTHG'sters and future members.
    This is our one and only OTHG Clubhouse & all that want to join are welcome
    Yesterday, This big topic:
    Originally Posted by bigbow62 Go to original post
    I've had enough
    I will end the discussion so you can focus on your health and on the things you care about. If it is so stressful for you that people decide to communicate through different platforms, then I have to respect how you feel and move on. I have left OTHG.

    I really like the people I've met and I hope we will continue to race together and discuss Trials on the Discord, but this Discord will no longer be a part of OTHG. I will keep the Discord for people who like to hang out there. Everyone is welcome, OTHG or not, just be over 30. From now on it's called Old People, until Rudhelm finds a better name.
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    Sorry things didn't work out .... I think we both could have done things different. This is always been our clubhouse not 3 months , 6 months but over 6 years,lots of us have alot of time and feelings invested in our clubhouse thread and the original huge 500 plus page thread. So we feel this is the play we should be and I feel we owe it to UBisoft/Redlynx to always stay here since they gave us our OTHG MENU on this site.So please take care and all the best and very sorry it ended like this. [ OTHG 2012 - 2018+ ]
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