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    More ghost options.

    Please give us more ghost options. Like friends only. And activate\deactivate whit a button press like RB. Dont use ghost but when im doing sponsor things i must go in the menus to fix it, would be better to have a on\off button And my best time as a ghost
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    +1 I dont like the random ghosts at all.
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    The community is sharing a lot concerning the ghost system. We will notify the development team about it.
    Feel free to tell us what would you like to modify about it. The trigger "on/off" button is great.
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    If we have ghosts hidden, and do a leaderboard ghost race or a ghost contract, we have no way to see the ghost, which is fairly annoying. Ghost events need their own individual ghost config.

    Personal, friends', everyone's and no ghost all should be options switchable on a quick menu on the way into the track, so we can flip them around on the fly depending on how we feel.

    The kazoo music win animation needs to be killed with fire, along with everything else that makes annoying noises after OUR race. I can't imagine what you guys were thinking making those so downright obnoxious. You wouldn't have taken nearly as much flak for this incredibly bad idea if you hadn't gone so far to MOCK your customers in a single player game. Bafflingly wrong-headed, and, quite frankly, rude.
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    Concerning stadium ghosts speficially

    An option to not race the world record holding players that you dont stand a chance to beat would be very nice because its locking me, and presumably many more, out of improving my rank beyond a gold medal.
    Maybe give us the option to race the AI if we want or try rebalancing the system so a rank 1500 player doesnt have to race the ranks 1, 2 and 3 on each stadium race and simply get eliminated from tournament regardless of our times
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    The RB trigger would be a great thing to disable/enable ghosts whenever you like. Even better when you can press it more to cycle trough your personal ghost/friends ghost or a rival time of a ghost you think you can beat. For setting a goal i mean.
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    Yeah I think having an option to switch them off would be nice, they are quite off putting sometimes.
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    Can someone explain the ghost system for me? Who are these players I am seeing and how are they picked, which ones are Ubisoft/dev ghosts, are there ghosts from players on other platforms?

    And yes, on/off toggle, friend ghosts only and other options would be much appreciated.
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    Would love a button added to Stadium tracks to choose what ghosts to Race, between Default (AI), Friends, Region, World, close to Personal Best.

    Also more ghost opions in general would be nice.
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    I agree. We need to be able to change if the ghosts are:

    1. random nearby on leaderboards
    2. friends
    3. My own best time
    4. Off completely.

    I'd like possibility to switch on or off during race with push of a button, and choose from options or before race which type of ghost I want to race against.
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