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    New voice lines are not bad quality

    People need to realise that the voice lines are not bad quality. They're not affected by poor quality recording or mic. They have edited the voice lines to convey what they would sound like underneath masks or helmets. If anything they're going for accuracy. The voice would be slightly obscured if you wore such armour or helmets. People need to stop complaining and actually listen and realise where the voice is coming from.

    The only thing I agree with though is the wardens new voice. It was a bad choice to change. Of course the original voice actor is a very popular voice actor for video games and anime, so it would be difficult to get him back considering he might have a busy schedule or other projects to work on. If anything, get someone who sounds just as gritty.

    The last thing I don't agree with is the highlander's new voice. I like the direction they have gone, having Scottish heritage myself I love the direction they have gone with him. But certain movesets and attacks now have an even more cringy and spammy sound than before.

    To conclude, is it just me that realises that certain heroes wear masks and helmets and voices need to be changed accordingly? Only ten percent of the player base seem to think so. Maybe its just us paying attention to whats on their face.
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    I think he Warden's new lines would sound a lot better if they were just pitched down a little, to make it more similar to the old actor. Same with Highlander.
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    The HL will be the reason I turn the dialogue off. I can learn to even live with the new warden.. I think... but the manly Scot now sounds like a cat in heat. It honestly

    not exaggerating to be silly online

    hurts my head to listen to.
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    Hmm the new HL is the only one I do like.
    So hard to tell. It could be worse though.
    They should add a new audio section where you can purchase diff sounds etc for each hero.
    Under audio you could pick diff voices, sound effects, etc
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    Let's be honest, new voices pretty much suck all across the board. There is no other way to put it.
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    I don't know but did any of you hear male Orochi? It's a disaster. I can't play him anymore. I just can't. His dialog is weak and he sounds like a complete idiot who doesn't know what he is doing....
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    I like the new HL voice more, Warden's is pretty bad compared to his old one. I do like the effect where it sounds like they're talking inside of their helmet, to each their own though...
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    We ask them to add the option to remove the mask a long time ago...

    I guess that's their way of telling us that its not gonna happen ...
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