Do you feel alone in this world? Do you miss something? Do you feel the wusel in you?
Join The Settlers Wuselworld and connect with others!

What is Discord?
Discord is a chat program designed specifically for gamers' preferences!

How do I join?
Just click on the link, create a user account, if you are not registered yet and start to wusel!

On which platforms is Discord available?
Discord is available for all major platforms:
  • In the browser
  • As a Windows application
  • For Mac
  • For Linux
  • As a mobile app (Android & iOS)

Who do I meet here?
Here you will meet our Community Representatives, the server admin HarroLP, the forum moderators, BlueByte employees and of course many other Settlers fans who would like to chat with you!

What does this cost?
Nothing! Discord is completely free.

We are looking forward to you!