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    is there any way to get your population limit higher then 200 and your storage limit higher then 2000?
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    is there any way to get your population limit higher then 200 and your storage limit higher then 2000?
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    I do not think so. Maybe some who knows how could MoD the game?

    Or they could add a sandbox mode.
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    yeh cause well the storage limit isn't that big of a problem but in my oppinion the settler limit(200) is really low
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    i don't see a problem with a cap of 200 yet, i have maxed out the rank and all. maby it's because i don't build 3 or so of each building..

    though the cap for an army is abit low.

    even in single player it's hard to defend your land knowing if you place some men on each tower. then having enough men to attack with is very hard since you don't get enough.
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    It all depends on how large you want or can build your city. As it is now with one warehouse it seems that 200 cap on population is okay since gathering resources from the far reaches of the map is comptely inefficient so really, how many butchers do you really need in the main settlement area?

    I think as the game is now, the 200 cap for the peeps is okay, but like others, the military cap is slightly low if you wish to have more grandiose battles. But if everybody is capped for the military then regardless if you are on the offense or defense, you both have equal amounts of soldiers to work with, so it should be balanced in that what the opponent throws at you, you should be able to counter if your troops are in the correct location to where your opponent is likely to strike.

    Think about it this way, if they upped the military limit, then your opponent has more troops to throw at you too. So it's a never ending situation, and the only real option would be to make the cap at some really outragous amount and then it's the person that can click the fastest to build the right buildings that will have the advantage because he'll be able to build more troops than his opponent which will boil it down to what it is now and just be he who has the most troops will usually win. So really adding more troops only makes the battles seem much larger and take a slight bit longer while one side or the other dies.

    That's my take on it. Seems they have kept it low enough to try to make multiplayer more feasible in time it takes complete a MP game.
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    i wanted higher pop cap cause i like building huge cities now im restricted to a small town maybe the pop limit would be good if resource gathering buildings diddnt count
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    One of the things of it is, that some of the natural resources eventually run out, like metal and rocks. So eventually you are going to scrap the associated buildings so that will atleast free up some of your pop cap when you bulldoze those buildings. So there will be more of the other types of buildings you'll be able to build if you so choose, but I don't think you'll ever get to build a really large settlement in this game unfortunately.
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    The onl way to remove pop and army limit is Cheat Engine.
    Also, you can actually create a full trainer for your game, including, resources, gold, pop limit, army limit, etc, army limit is not so important because there are ingame cheats, you can activate it by pressing:
    ctrl + shifft + /
    ctrl + shift + *
    ctrl + shift + -
    quickly and then press ctrl + 4 for archers where to your cosur locateion, or ctrl + 5 for swordman, etc...
    for gold ctrl F1, search for ingame cheats on google and go to steam community for this game's cheats.
    Cheat Engine will solve your problem with the pop limit, but notice not to make your pop to 0, so you can arrange feasts, army is not so important, pop limit set to 2 and gold do not set more than 99999 or else you will not be able to see your gold properly, keep in ming that you can skip gold cheat in CE and use ingame cheats.

    Have fun.
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    for storage limit you need a new save to change it to infinite, for your comfort, I have made a guide:
    1. Create a new save
    2., activate the ingame cheats by pressing:
    ctrl + shift + /
    ctrl + shift + *
    ctrl + shift + -
    3. give yourself some gold, stone and wood by pressing:
    ctrl + F1 for 50 gold
    ctrl + F2 for 10 wood
    Ctrl + F3 for 10 stone
    do not give yourself too much wood or stone, make it equal, gold is seperated and you can press or hold as much as you want, notice the the gold cheat limit will be 99,999, while you can earn more with your kingdom managment skills.
    4. open Cheat Engine and select The Settlers 6 proccess in the small computer icon in the top left.
    5. scan for your currect storage limit (while the storehouse is level 1) and then you'll have many results, to make things clear, follow these steps:
    -a. after searching, upgrade the sorehouse to level 2 and then search again the currect storehouse limit (in the Next Scan and not the New Scan).
    -b. you got again many results, go back to the game and upgrade again the storehouse (to level 3), scan again.
    -c. if you got 1-3 results, change each one (change seperately their value to how much you want and check each time that the strorage limit has changed, if not, go back to CE and change back to the previus value and move on to the next one) value to how much you want and check if the storehouse limit has changed if yes then you finished the job.
    5. you can upgrade again the storehouse and the storage limit wil not change (unless there is kind of a bug so you'll need to change the value again through the result that caused the change)
    6. enjoy!
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