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    Developer Update: Health Drain Challenge!

    Hey everyone! It’s Buck from Redlynx, and I’m back with another weekly Developer Update. Today we’ll recap the 24 hour ‘Upgrade Mania’ event, talk about this week’s challenge event that started today and talk about this weekend’s event!


    This week, we had our latest Legendary season reset! Where did you finish? If you make your way back into Legendary, keep an eye out for the “Welcome Back to Legendary” pack next week!

    We also had our first 24-hour event that was not a card usage event and the first 24-hour event to grant only neutral upgrade items. How did you like the change? Do you prefer card usage events for the 24-hour events or was this a nice change? Let us know down below.


    We have a brand new challenge mode this week called Health Drain. It’s time to get out your favorite tanks and fighters, because all units will have 2x health but they will lose 15 health per second and there will also be 2x energy regeneration. I wouldn’t recommend using swarms or assassins this week, as they’ve got smaller health pools that will drain quite quickly! I look forward to seeing some of the decks you all come up with!

    The rewards and retry costs will also be the same as last week’s challenge.


    This weekend, you must pledge your loyalty to the mighty Paladin Butters. This event will be a card usage event. This means, you will need to win matches using selected cards in PvP in order to gain points and open event packs. As usual, there will be both Solo and Team packs to open. So make sure you join your team before the event starts (which is usually 12 UTC), in order to be able to claim those team packs.

    There cards for this event are:

    • Paladin Butters
    • Rogue Token
    • Shieldmaiden Wendy
    • Dogpoo
    • Sexy Nun Randy
    • Storyteller Jimmy
    • Cyborg Kenny

    This weekend’s event will run from Friday(~12 UTC) to Monday(~12 UTC).

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 5
    2 10
    3 20
    4 35
    5 50
    6 70
    7 95
    8 125

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 30
    2 100
    3 350
    4 850
    5 1500
    6 2500

    We’ve also got a bit of exciting news for this weekend’s event. This weekend, the “best loot” in lockers will have up to DOUBLE the amount of materials. The chance for double materials will increase based on your PvP rank. Players in the Legendary arena will have guaranteed double materials in the “best loot” and the chance for double materials goes down as the PvP ranks go lower, so if you're not already in Legendary, now is a great time to make the jump.


    There will be no Developer Stream this week, as we’ve got a few members of the stream team out of office. We’ll have info about the next stream in a future Developer Update, so keep your eyes out for that!

    One last thing, we’re planning a gift for next week, as a way to kick off the new season and as a “Thank You!” to our awesome community! The gift will contain 150 Cash, 2000 coins and 100 assorted upgrade items. Keep an eye out for that next week.

    That’s all the news I have for now. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. We love hearing from our players!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Buck🦌, Steve🚀 and Toller🐶
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    Server side?

    We were told server side is coming at the end of summer. I believe now, it is Autumn. Where is server side, or any news of server side?
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    "We also had our first 24-hour event that was not a card usage event and the first 24-hour event to grant only neutral upgrade items. How did you like the change? Do you prefer card usage events for the 24-hour events or was this a nice change?"

    This was the most ******ed change ever.
    I already have a firm dislike for locker based events due to daily locker limits as well as the massive RNG element of lockers. Applying this basis to a 24 hour event is idiotic; about an hour before the event started, I normally hit my daily locker limit and have a 21 hour timer before I can open my next locker, factoring in sleep, its lucky I could participate in this event at all.

    I'm not someone who just gives negative feedback without suggesting a solution, so here are a couple:

    a) Communicate your plans with more than 1 hour notice of the start of the event. ALSO requires a locker limit countdown.
    b) Remove locker limits
    c) Allow opening of lockers AFTER hitting the limit, but all loot is only event tokens.
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    I like card usage for the 24 hour event, but maybe break it up every 4 or 5 times with a collection event.

    I'll always prefer card usage for the weekend event. Gets monotonous using the same best deck, there's too much luck in collecting the items from lockers, and it's fun to try out other cards I don't use so often in the card usage events.

    It's the ppl who've only upgraded 1 or 2 themes who'll sook about card usage events.
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    Upgrade Items

    Upgrade Items for the 24h collection event were great. But there should be more items in the packs.
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    Geez O Man

    Why cants ya have a podium for the team contest just like ya do for the leading Card Donaters . Let's not be Cheap & Irresponsible like a bunch of a Los Angeles Free Abortion Feminist or something ? Man O Man , Lordy ! Love the Game ! Thanks !
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    I actually really liked the 24 event especially bc it was neutral mats. I’m sure for many players these are the most need materials bedsides maybe their Main theme.. I don’t think it matters too much if it’s lockers or card events. I’d be happy if most of these 24 hr events are neutral.

    However I really think the problem lies with common cards... most common cards that people have upgraded through they’re time playing are almost not even relevant now. Cards like Heidi and sherrif cartman used be be some of the best to get a decent push off but now at level 6 and 5 it is almost like they are low level cards playing and get shredded by one hookhand Clyde. As I do like the idea of the update, making epics and legd more “epic and legendary”, it seems like it just made that game more unbalanced and forced a majority of people to change their decks. I do believe the new epic meta is how the game should have been all along, but I believe it is crucial to give a slight buff back to the common cards in order to make the game as balanced as possible.

    Hopefully you get this feedback and thank you.
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    My honest feelings about this challenge is that it has to be the least appealing challenge so far, too slow paced for my taste, at least this time I won't feel bad about not being able to rejoin with the new rejoin fee.

    Since there is no stream for a consecutive second week, I must ask what someone already asked, what about the server side, you guys blame many of the bugs on lag, then the server side should solve something right, just say something about it please.
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    I really don't like locker events and my team doesn't either. There's a locker limit, it's just a luck and grind event that's boring/frustrating and your lockers stop having good loot in them. I'd rather have no event at all. The card points events have you mix up your deck a little and you still get the locker loot, they are much better. Maybe take a few of the popular one day contests and turn them into weekend events? These locker events just kill the whole game until they're finished.
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    Fix your servers. It is outrageous that you up the cost for challenge mode but penalize us because your servers blow. 3 strikes 2 of them because your stupid servers disconnect every other game. No one is going to spend the cash to do this challenge mode when we get penalized for things beyond our control. Fix. Your. Dumb. Servers.
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