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    Suggestion: Persistent upgrades. [Campaign]


    I'd like to make a suggestion.

    Persistent but selectable upgrades/perks over the course of the campaign. Like, for instance, the Starcraft 2 campaigns' upgrades.

    Done right they would:
    1. Give a sense of progression to the campaign.
    2. Add replay value to the campaign.
    3. Dovetail into the story.

    I'm not thinking of "big" stuff like airdropping lumber into your storehouse, but smaller stuff and always with a tradeoff

    1. Lumberjacked: Your woodcutters cut wood with 25% increased efficiency.
    2. Green thumbs: Your foresters replant forests with 50% increased efficiency.
    3. Shields UP: Swordsmen take 50% reduced damage from arrows.

    I know that seems like standard "research" benefits, but these would persist accross your campaign. It would be nice to not just plod down the same research tree every single game. (Like S7) If you want to be more ambitious, you could tie side missions in the campaign missions into it. Maybe you rescue a band of foresters from a pack of wolves and now the first forester hut you build is free, each mission. Or you rescue a sergeant and you get a special, stronger squad to deploy (for a price).
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    Sounds interesting
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