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    Some nostalgic ideas

    Well this is probobly first time when i'm that excited about a game to use forum to talk about it. So let's get straight to the point.

    1. Customization
    Some people don't like changes, or even hate them, so maybe there should be option to play game similarly to The Settlers 1-4? Sometimes i just wanna destroy somebody's city with brute force insted of thinking about othet aspects, but also sometimes i just wanna chill and look at my economy, so maybe there should be economy race too? Having option to customize your game is always great.

    2. Donkeys
    I haven't seen donkeys in game, so i assume that there's none at the moment. I read that traffic will be importent aspect of the game, so maybe bringing donkeys back would be a nice idea? Having option to transport more resources in smaller amount of time could be interesting feature.

    3. View inside of buildings
    Ok this is just suggestion, because I know it would require more time to create buildings, and animations for the purpose of this feature, but i always loved option to follow residents for whole time in games like Stronghold or Civcity Rome.

    Waiting for feedback
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    Heyho, I can address some of your points already - except for 1)

    2) Yes, there are other means than just using carriers. We'll have hand- and donkey carts (and different roads) for exactly this reason: Transporting more resources in a smaller amount of time. We'll release a new blog over on https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/ about just this topic: roads and transport. So make sure you check the website tomorrow later afternoon/evening

    3) For many buildings you will already have a view inside them, if you check some of our videos and screenshots. Simply based on how they're designed. For example THIS one or THAT one.
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    Thanks for informations, but when i was talking about building i meant option to follow settlers everywhere like in this 2 old games without any ,,rabbit holes"
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