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    Consider other platforms please


    As a huge fan of the Settlers series who turned to use Apple products only I would like to ask you if there is a possibility for the game to release on iOS/Mac.

    Take an example from Civilization VI and try to cooperate with Aspyr. They are making amazing ports to Mac/iOS, it would be a really highly beneficial imo.

    iPads are very powerful gaming machines today, getting stronger every year. Please consider these opportunities.
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    Sadly i dont think they will do that.
    Most of the Mac Books arent used for gaming. And there arent much Apple Gamers.
    Me im not a fan of any apple product but friends of mine are and they say that they use a windows PC to game because it works better.
    So yeah. But who knows Ubisoft is full of surprises.
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    There would be players..

    Well as far as I know the general power of Macs is huge, but there is just not enough optimizations for this OS on the market to call it a gaming machine.

    iPads on the other hand has a wide and bright future standing in front of them on the side of gaming. Running Civilization VI, Fortnite, PUBG, Albion Online and a lot more is not a problem for it. As far as I see upcoming graphics of The Settlers I am sure my iPad would run that without a single freeze, if developed correctly of course.

    But yet I did not ask the original development team to work on the "apple project". They can just simply try to make a deal with Aspyr as they are amazing in porting games to iPads/Macs.
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    I don't mind it ported to Mac. In fact, I welcome it. It would mean the community could grow.

    Take a look at Two Point Hospital for instance. It supports Mac out of the box. But then again they're using Unity, which is OS agnostic out of the box.
    Snowdrop in general have not seen any games released on anything but Windows, except Mario Rabbids which is on Nintendo Switch.
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    I like the idea, eventhough I dont use any apple devices at all. I know there are loads of people which use linux too, if they'ld add apple os, they prolly also need to add linux and all other open source os programs... I think that is the reason they havent supported nor created something like this so far
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    Heyho - we forwarded the feedback regarding versions for different platforms and operating systems but at least right now the development is focused on Windows PC only.
    If we get any news regarding additional versions we'll let you know.
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    Hi is there an update if the Settlers will support a different platform? I saw the preview of the game and it looked nice - would be cool to know if I continue amaze myself to buy it at launch date to run it on my linux pc or not. I also don't mind if I have to launch or buy it in Uplay :-).
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