The most fun part with Serf City or Settlers 1 was to build and optimizing roads, create effective productions lines and make the kingdom grow. The war part was just a timer. Necessary but not very important part of the game. The following versions focused more and more on warfare and got more and more cluttered with fancy graphic that made the terrain harder to overview. Number seven was almost impossible to play because of the terrain. You hade to spin the map constantly.

I wish some one could take Serf City with gently hands and make a new version and this time keep the core of fun game play an wrap it in modern clean graphic.

Once again it looks like someone want to smack on tons of dazzling junk graphic, massive action and plenty of unnecessary functions. Why just not keep it clean, tight and simple fun instead? Make expansions that people can pump it with if they want, like CIV for an example.

Well now I have to play Serf City again. The craving got to big.