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    I have been making a map stock 409 for our server. The map if Gulf of finland and year 1943.

    I have been struggling with finding information On the planes that was used by the Soviets.

    Been searching google for a while with not much succes. I Have found the planes the soviets used but i need the models, IE what type of Mig.Lagg,Il-2.

    So i thought to my self where better to ask then here, This forum been a wealth of knoweledge for me over the year :P

    If anyone has some good links for me, or just know of the top of the head. I will make tea and cakes for all.
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    In 1943, most of the air war was over the Karelian Isthmus and especially the Gulf of Finland, VVS attacking the "Seeigel Line" from Kotka to the Oranienbaum pocket via Suursaari and Tytärsaari islandsm including mines, submarine net, island artillery etc.

    Early 1943, LeLv34 with its Bf109G2s in Utti and Malmi airfields(Lappeenranta and Helsinki), LeLv24 with B239s in Suulajärvi at the Karelian Isthmus. Later, 109G2s in Malmi, Kymi/in Kotka) and Suulajärvi together with B239s.

    VVS had La-5s in Lavansaari(Lavaychi or something, island east of Suursaari), more La5s in Kronstadt. Jak-1s and Jak-7s in Lavansaari acting as interceptors. LaGG-3s in Oranienbaum pocket acting as escorts to A20s and IL2s operating against Seeigel, mainly Suursaari and Tytärsaari. Further in the east, the long range bombing regiment with Pe-2s with Jak-9(probably Jak-9D) escorts attacking Kotka(operating from fields near Moscow actually).

    First La-5, LaGG-3 series 35 and 66, Jak7A, Jak-1, IL-2 type I dont know but ones with rear gunners anyways. Both A20G and C, surpisingly mainly the G.
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    Recommend the Finnish AF series by K Kestinen and K Stenman which details the daily operations of both sides during the war. Vol 5 covers 1943 and is called Soumen Ilmavoimat V 1943.
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