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    I'm messing around in FMB making some Bf-110 missions, but I really don't know what types served there.

    What type was typically used in, say, 1940, '41, '42?

    I am using UP 2.0 so some other variants not available in vanilla Il-2--the C1, C7, D-3, E-1, F-2 and G-4 I think. I think vanilla Il-2 only has the C4, C4/B and G-2.

    And if you can think of any interesting scenarios let me know. So far I have a mission where you attack some dug-in artillery, another where you tangle with some Fairey Fulmars, and another where you have to prevent Swordfishes from sinking a ship.
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    Hi Ba5tard5word,

    Bogustugus is the man you want to speak to regarding the 110, he is the creator of the superlative 'Murmansk to Morocco' campaign. He's on this forum, a quick pm should do the trick.
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    A quick look at the Flugzeugbestands- und -bewegungsmeldungen for III./ZG 26 (the only Zerstörer unit to really see service in the MTO IIRC) shows a wild mix of C-, D-, E- and F- subtypes for 1942.

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    Shores and Rings "Fighters over the Desert"

    30th January 1941 saw the first of the Bf110's arrive from Bof & BoB

    III/ZG26 Bf110c
    I/ZG26 Staffel

    landed at Castel Benito, Sirte & Arco Philenorum

    During that year up to around November 1941 served/serving air units were as below.

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    Hmm thanks guys.

    I guess I will use the F, its default skin is a nice yellowish sort of desert skin, and it has more weapon options than the earlier models.
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    ZG26 used all variants of the 110 during its stay in the MTO. The D-3, E-1, and E-3 models tho were without a doubt the largest contributors to their numbers, especially during 1941-42.
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    The only subtype you should omit from any MTO mission would be the G-4 as that type is a pure night fighter.

    Most widely used were the E and F subtypes. III./ZG26 was the only unit to serve in North Africa; otherwise, 9.ZG26 served for a long time mostly operating from the med's north shores. In earlier stages, other Gruppen of ZG 26 served alongside II/ZG76 when the battle was still shifting throug Yugoslavia, Greece, Crete, Iraq and elsewhere.

    Have you found out yet how they were deployed? There are soooo many possibilities...

    Oh and P.S.: I am working on a UP 2.0 remake of Murmansk to Morocco. That itself is a remake of the original version, available through the link below. Feel free to use it for inspiration & let me know if I can help.
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    Yeah I ended up using the F model, it has a good variety of weaponry. I went ahead and made the mini-campaign, it's about 6 missions and is in UP 2.0. It's my first ground attack-oriented campaign and the AI isn't always very cooperative but it's sort of fun anyway. If anyone is interested send me a PM or you can go to the Ultrapack site and I made a topic there with a link to it. Also I made two mini MTO campaigns for UP 2.0 with Bf-109E's and Tomahawks.
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