Dear Ubisoft.

Since 3 years pased from last Heroes of Might & Magic games I would like to suggest you to consider about made a Heroes of Might and Magic III remake in new engine but keep all fractions, visual styles and units roster from original Heroes 3 (expect few units like Nagas, Medusas and Dwarf which will be transferd to new Dwarves and Sanctuary fractions into HoMM 3 remake World). + original story/plot which can be expanded with new elements.

So I suggest that we have in Heroes III remake these fractions:

1. Castle
2. Rampart/Sylvan
3. Tower/Academy
4. Inferno/Hell
5. Necropolis
6. Dungeon
7. Stronghold
8. Fortress
9. Conflux
+ two fractions which is introduced in new HOMM games (Dwarves, Sanctuary)

7 resources, skill system from IV/V and VII (with grand master level), randomized skill wheel + one fraction specific skill tree

Random map generator from begin.

Reasons for remake are simple Heroes III stay best HoMM game ever until today and stay alive thanks to big fans base like me and mods so I think that numerous fans of M&M will be happy with remeke of it