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    What's with a 500 limit in the Arcade?

    I'm currently making my way through the Arcade playing solo games in alphabetical order.It's taken me quite a while to reach about the 7th page under the letter "C". 500 is the tops one can go as far as your score goes.That is,after each game the yellow bar goes across the screen giving you so much for whether you have lost or won.Well I have long reached 500,and although I get more points,800 a successful game,I get no higher score than 500.Why is this? Why doesn't it match you game for game,and keep rising?
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    I asked the same question man!

    I am still awaiting a response.
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    The problem I see is if you are on 1 or 500 it serves no purpose.
    Say as you got to 100 you unlocked a cool weapon skin or mask or item of clothing and this happened every 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 then there is a reason and purpose and at 500 you got something very special then a little emblem attached so people know you had ranked up and you start at 1 again and repeat but keep all your stuff then on reaching 500 again you get a 2nd emblem or a different one and repeat.

    As is right now it does not matter if it's in or out seeing peoples rank it does not do anything or serve any purpose.
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    If it serves no purpose, the is DEFINITELY no purpose in capping it.

    To infinity and BEYOND!
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