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    I want to make more videos showing off gameplay of Community Developed maps.

    Spectator mode exists, I Have been in a bugged state where I could click to swap between users.

    Let us access this to get footage, in color...not black and white.

    Also, Free-look PHOTO MODE w/o the Matrix Pause. Absolutely could be used to make some of the best showcases of the MP maps with live combat.

    In the meantime, I'll be gimping my team with maps with the binoculars and the UI off...

    Could be much simpler..

    Could make some AMAZING stuff...

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    If photo mode were in PvP then some players could switch to it and at that point would not be in the game so if it's a team game they are I guess letting the team down.
    Spectator mode is similar while someone would be in that mode they would be dropping a player from the team or if in DM mode would be a sitting duck.

    With Far Cry 2 you could be a dedicated host and could watch the maps from movable cameras placed in the map where you could switch from one to another, you could never join the action - some liked it but unsure it was used that much, now with social media and people recording footage it would be more popular but unsure it would be necessary as it would be more novelty for a select few.

    Photo Mode is solo only it does not even work in COOP with another player.
    I would love to be able to use it in the map editor or have the editor with everything turned off on screen so you can get nice footage of maps.
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    This is what I mean.

    I am already the dedicated host, may as well let me choose to be a spectator if I desire; my team sometimes is so overpowered because I have no control of the lobby or team compositions, so I often don't even get to play as hard as I want so the other team doesn't ragequit.

    Mixing in Deathmatches helps. Seems most of us really love the TDM with gun(s & not explosive spam) the best.

    I just want to get some more good footage, and I love the focal/zoom depth / freelook of the Photo Mode; but currently only have binoculars.
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