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    Some new Ideas for a New patch I like to see ingame example some New Rewards.

    A Anno 2205 customer feedback idea/request. Sent these ideas to Ubisoft via support site selecting Category Gameplay and Select issue type Feedback & Suggestion. The person who responded suggested I also post my ideas on the forum to try and get as much exposure as possible so here they are what do you think. p.s. I know it's long I'm sorry.

    Create a new big patch that:
    1) Fixers any known problems that still haven't been fixed (e.g. the Optional Assignment "Historical Mistakes" attach/follow a drone and collect "Melting Ice Floe" where the Ice Floes are invisible and have been apparently since at least 2015)

    2) Make the Catamaran command ship available to everyone no matter whether they pre-ordered or not and no matter what version of the game or dlc's they have.

    3) In ether Anno 1404 or 1701 players could blow up obstacles like rocks so as to create more building space, give players of Anno 2205 the means to clear away obstacles like rocks or fill in dips/holes in the ground, at the base of mountains creating a road hoping it'll be straight but no something is sticking out so it's ends up a higgledy-piggledy road. Give us the players the means to clear that what ever away, maybe make it 100 credits and 10-20 construct bots or something per tile.

    4) Maybe and this would be a big thing, redesign the Arctic and Tundra sectors, there is loads of land in the Tundra we could build on but can't e.g. near the first Seed Vault there's some land that slopes down to a body of water, could build 2 coastal sites there and 1 or 2 farms/factories on the land but can't because it slopes down. And why we can't go up into the mountains to build things like wind farms that could produce more power higher up lets say. And almost all the Arctic sectors there's at least 1 island that looks big but say 75% of it is mountains so only have a small building area.

    5) Geothermal generators in all Arctic sectors and the Tundra Sector ???

    6) Maybe underground heat pipes for arctic sectors, so instead of having to build houses within the heat radius of a factory of gas power plant the heat they generate can go through pipes underground to the houses or the population can use the methane ice to heat themselves or a new factory that turns methane ice into a safe substance they can use in their houses to heat themselves.

    7) Several sectors have areas where a Hydro power plant of some kind could be built (e.g. top corner of the Tundra sector there's a waterfall and somewhere on the coast of Wildwater Bay main land and at least 1 of the island in the Madrigal Islands sector again a waterfall) create a new Hydro plant building that will generate say 2500+ energy or something and if it gets damaged the water is going into the sea except in the tundra sector it goes into a lake.

    8) Some new and even better sector traits e.g. Lunar trait increasing the radius of the shields by ? and reduce the maintenance or energy cost by ? or all power suppliers in all sectors not just one type have an increase in the amount they provide and a reduction in maintenance or workforce cost.

    9) In Anno 2070 you could build a Solar farm to get energy why not in Anno 2205 as well?

    10) Be able to build modules onto infrastructure buildings i.e. infodrome etc, reduction modules i.e. workforce/power/maintenance cost and a new module that increases the buildings supply e.g. 1 infodrome has a +10 information supply (I think) the new module could make it say +15.

    11) In all the sectors with a climate stabilizer give us control of all the climate stabilizers. So say in the Temperate sectors make it nice and sunny increases farms output by +25% where making it nice and breezy increases Wind farms output by +25%. Can't think of what to make it do in the Arctic sectors.

    12) Instead of just the Power suppliers having a reduced maintenance cost module give us a reduced maintenance cost module for everything mines/factories/farms.

    13) As well as being to sell goods to the Global Market station give us the means to sell goods to the NPC's in the actual sectors as well, also allow us to sell off the extra Rare Resources to them since it's so easy to get full up on them doing the combat missions.

    14) This idea can be used for idea 15a and 15b add modules to the Spaceports like you could do to the Arks in Anno 2070. These modules could do what I've said below and maybe more things to help players like maybe reduce the cost of outbound trade routes from that sector.

    15) New Rewards that are actually worth getting, Yes I've redeemed all the rewards but only because that's one of the Club Challenges none of them are really worth getting, and new Club Challenges so as to get the necessary uplay points so as to get the New Rewards like;

    15a) Instead of idea number 10 above. All public buildings (e.g. Infodrome) in all sectors have there maintenance/energy/workforce costs reduced by 15%-25% and their influence supply increased by 15%-25%, and logistics buildings have there supply increased by 10%-15%.

    15b) Farms/Factories/Mines in all sectors have their maintenance/workforce/energy costs reduced by 15%-25% and there Logistics needs reduced by 4. Because some factories when fully upgraded even with 5 -20% workforce or energy modules are soooo expensive.

    15c) Increase the Space Station shield radius from 8 to 12 or maybe 15 so as to have more space for building a good station and increase the number of modules you can build.

    15d) Add a new Combat Mission and ether add a New Combat Ship or add a new veteran level to the existing ships that gives them another boost to health/speed/fire power and attack range.

    15e) A new 2nd Tundra Sector with more building space than the current one, there's load of space in the current tundra Sector that is wasted.

    15f) A new Temperate Sector with even more building space than Wildwater Bay. On the website http://anno2205.wikia.com they have a building layouts page where fans have designed city or farm/factory layouts, and there is a city layout called City Layout V which apparently is Bounding Box: 176x157 (27632 Tiles) in size. I tried to build it in Wildwater Bay since that has the largest land mass but even that is to small for this Mega City design, so a new Temperate Sector with enough space to build this great city would be really nice.

    15g) A new Arctic sector with a land mass like in Wildwater Bay but minus all the holes/pits or anything else that means you can't build in neat straight lines. And loads of coastal/mining sites

    15h) A new Lunar sector again like the other ideas above it's got a massive area to build in and loads of mining sites.

    I was going to add some pictures but I'm not paying some site like photobucket just so I can use it to insert pictures into forums, unless I've miss understood I can upload pictures to them for free but to then link/insert that image into say a forum page on (in this case ubisoft) I'd have to pay forget that. If anyone knows of a site where I can upload the pictures and then post them onto here for free please let me know. Once again sorry it's sooo long.

    So what do you think are any of these ideas you'd like to see ingame? and I'm curious what ideas other players have
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    Something else I've thought of Tunnels through the mountains instead of having to build a road round it why not go through it.
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    Yes Anno 2205 was one of the best in the Anno series. It streamlined so many things and added sectors/multi sessions which was amazing. The sector projects was a nice mini game with real and substantial rewards. But some vocal anno fans did not like it.

    The replayability could have been so much increased by adding scenarios. So much potential just wasted. The main campaign finishes so soon and that's why lots of the sectors and lands stay unused. The workforce module which reduces workforce by 25% also makes the game trivial in the late game and therefore synthetics serves no purpose at all.

    The game should be designed with a long campaign or the ability to add scenarios. Frostpunk did a tremendous job in designing the game for different scenarios. They have one of the best scenario designers for city builders.

    Sadly Anno 2205 will no longer be updated as Anno 1800 will be released shortly .John Rafferty would say "Such a fine game sadly just left to collect dust"
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