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    Population loss

    This happens every time I launch into the "Temperate" region - I'm running ~120k pop, everything below investor level is 100% satisfied.
    Every time I load into Temperate my population starts dying. I can have anywhere from $5k to $20k income but when I load in it suddenly dives to the negative because my people are leaving for no reason.
    Only game hint is to make positive money again but the only way to do that is spend more on already surplus goods and hope it fixes the population dive. If I manage to stabilize it I can't load into any of the other regions because it dives again whenever I come back.
    Has anyone found this an issue?
    Any ideas why?
    Is it just bugged?

    Mod input appreciated
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    Yep... I have this exact same problem.

    I've completed the story missions on the Moon, got fusion power down to my Temperate zone, and all this time I had no issues from the Arctic.

    Now whenever I go back to the Arctic zone, my population suddenly goes through the floor, all the factories stop producing and ruin the economy... I've only managed to pull it back once, but as you say as soon as loading into another zone then back again the population nosedives once more for no reason.

    They have all goods satisfied when I leave, and when I come back because of the population dive none of the factories are working (even the ones with 100% reduced worker need from drone hives) and so it's impossible to pull back their happiness and population.

    This has totally ruined my game and makes it now impossible for me to carry on any more.

    Ubisoft, you have my save game on the cloud. Please take a copy and look into this issue. Thanks.
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    Hi, just want to post up with saying that i have the same issue but in the tropical region. I logged in today and watch my income drop from 45k where it was stable to under 20. I think the problem is when the game relaunches it has trouble calculating the resources needed for each level of population and either requires too much production or doesnt calculate the current production properly, either that or when you originally upgrade a population building it doesnt correctly calculate the required resource usage and shows you having positive growth up until the save/relaunch of the game and then calculates everything again(properly this time) and that crashes your population numbers because of the resource usage.
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    Do you guys have low amounts of system ram?
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    Nah mate i have 8 gigs of system ram, and a machine that runs like a thoroughbred racehorse. I also dont believe this is a memory issue.
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    I have an i7 4770k, 16GB ram, windows 8.1, and a GTX780. It's nothing to do with my system.

    I also agree with the analysis above that there is a game bug when it tries to calculate usage of population and demand etc. when this bug happens. The first thing I noticed was in my Arctic region, all of the community buildings (when selected) were showing the RED bar at the bottom of the screen, but with "+147" or some other stupid big plus number in it. This alerted me to something weird going on, and as well as this all of my factories which I had put 5 drone hives on so they should be using 0 workers, were not outputting at maximum anymore when they all should have been fine. There was enough energy, and supply trucks.

    The issue then got progressively worse each time I loaded out and back into that Arctic zone. The population started dropping and it's literally impossible for me to recover the situation. I believe the problem lies in the fact that community buildings require workers, so with a massive deficit in workers it's impossible to pick them back up to their normal levels. Coupled with the bug where factories seem to still want workers despite having drone hives attached, and maybe some other underlying bug I can't identify... all of these things together mean my save game is now completely screwed. I've tried everything apart from scrapping the whole zone, deleting everything, and starting fresh, which I don't want to do because it will ruin the economy in all of my other zones as well. At the moment it's just about struggling along with +100 credits or something.

    The only thing I can think of trying now is to run the game overnight to earn enough credits to buy a new temperate and arctic zones, and try again with them and hope that the same thing doesn't happen. But to be honest, until this bug gets fixed I can't really be bothered to play anymore.
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    Does anyone from Ubi even read this forum and give feedback about bugs? Cos this is game breaking.
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    I would say scrap the entire zone and start it over. It won't break you economy because both the arctic and lunar zones are running at a loss so you are not relying on them for income, and you can replace the goods they output cheaper with the world market so you will have a higher income and you can go back in there and see what is going on.
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    Just tried deleting everything in the zone and rebuilding.... it works fine until I save and go to another zone, then come back, and the same problem occurs. I strongly believe there's a bug to do with calculating worker population with houses that aren't heated, upgraded houses with scientists in them, and factories which supposedly need 0 workers (with 5x drone hive addons) but they still work at lower capacity after loading into the zone because it thinks it doesn't have enough workers.

    Basically, it's FUBAR and needs a patch to fix before I can think about playing this game again.
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    Hmm I get the same problem also, Just with some bigger numbers, Yesterday the game managed to let 50.000 investors die in my game bcus of no reason, that was really annoying, went from 450.000 + to about 360.000 Still not worrying but just the point that you lose So many peeps.
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