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    More size difference between characters, or customizable size?

    I feel like for such a large cast, we'd see more disparity in height than we do now. I mean hell, the minions are smaller than both peacekeeper and shinobi. I know this is way more complicated than just adjusting models and would probably even require new animations, but I feel like it would be more interesting if a character's size showed their intended role. I want shinobi to be a tiny, nimble ninja and conqueror/lawbringer to be huge and imposing. On a side note, what is wrong with conqueror's head? I've always felt like his head is WAY too small for the rest of his body.
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    Lol at conq melon
    Cent's feet look tiny for his body ever notice that. He needs to be smaller actually.
    Raiders right forearm looks like Popeyes
    Female raider can backbreak execution a shugoki??? I mean really......
    But yes or make minions bigger
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    I don't mind Shugoki being more "bulkier". Right now, he looks like the same size has raider, lawbro, and warlurd.
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