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    Developer Update: Balance Changes, A New Card, and More

    Hey everyone! It’s Toller, and I am here with this week’s Developer Update, early edition!


    We’ve got a lot to talk about! We’ve got balance change details, a brand new card, and a special stream guest! Let’s dive right in with the biggest news of the week, the highly-anticipated balances changes!


    Hey everyone, Buck here: As previously mentioned, the balance changes that will be coming out on Wednesday, August 15th, are quite large in scale. We wanted to take a pass at the overall rarity scaling, and the reasoning behind this is simple: We wanted Epics and Legendary to be just as EPIC and LEGENDARY as their rarities imply. We previously adjusted the way rarities scale in terms of power, and we received feedback from all of you that this wasn’t enough. Prior to this, the overwhelming feedback we have been hearing from the community is that Common cards were outpacing their Epic and Legendary counterparts, for many reasons, so that’s what we wanted to change with this next balance pass. The higher rarity cards should now be more competitive at lower levels, meaning that they’ll be usable earlier than before and we hope that now you won’t hesitate to add your favorite Legendary card into your deck. The entire list of balance changes is quite large, so you can find the full list of changes here

    These changes are quite extensive, so, we will be listening very closely to your feedback after now, and after you’ve gotten your hands on these changes, and looking very closely at gameplay data and statistics, such as those for card usage, win-rate, and other such things in the coming days and weeks.


    This week’s Challenge Mode is Bleed Out! Every tick of the clock counts in this mode, as both you AND your opponent will lose 6 health with each passing second! Will you be the last New Kid standing? Best of luck to you all!


    Break out your devil horns and ready the holy water, because it’s time! Imp Tweek has appeared in South Park, bringing adorable chaos of all sorts! This brand new Epic card can be found at the end of both the Team event and the Solo event, so by finishing both paths you will be guaranteed at least two copies of this brand new card, with a chance to earn more!

    In honour of this magical new addition this event will all about Mystical rewards! If that’s a theme you’ve been looking to level up then this weekend is a great chance to stock up on materials.

    This weekend’s event will run from Friday(UTC) to Monday(UTC).

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 10
    2 40
    3 90
    4 170
    5 260
    6 410
    7 600
    8 925

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 330
    2 950
    3 4125
    4 9000
    5 15000
    6 22500


    The weekly Developer Live-Stream will run this THURSDAY at 9:15 AM PST/12:15 PM EST, and this time around we have a special guest taking up cushion space! It’s Casey, our very own Project Content Director! He’ll be joined by ThatDarnSteve, with ItsJustBuck and BlueBadger400 running things behind the scenes. You’ll be able to spot me in the chats of both the Twitch stream and on Facebook, so stop by and say hello! We’d love to hang out with you. There will be gameplay fun, questions and answers, and all the giveaways we can squeeze into two hours.

    Many of you have also been asking us about the “Welcome Back to Legendary” pack. Don’t worry! You didn’t miss your chance, it has not yet been released. We’ll keep you informed once the packs are ready to open!

    Also, one more quick thing to add. This Friday, August 17th there will be a short server maintenance starting at 8 AM UTC. This is expected to last 45 minutes.

    That’s all the news there is for today! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Toller🐶, Steve🚀 and Buck🦌
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    Thanks for the update. Question, was this TESTED at all? Or were the buffs to epics\legs and nerfs to commons just based upon #'s?

    Thank you!
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    There is not mind control card
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    Can you show us Gizmo Ike copies stats at lvl 4?
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    Commons and rares are about to nerfed relative to epics and legendaries. This also means donation system will have less use since it depends on commons and rares.
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    I think you copied and pasted the health and attack numbers from HHC to Marcus...Marcus doesn't have correct info under his name when you click the link.

    Also, can you include the new card stats and ability in these updates, or at least the stats on the same link once the card is released so we know what it'll look like at level 4 max epic?
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    Blood Elf Bebe Problem

    Sure, you scaled all commons down, but is a power creep for new cards intended? Why does Blood Elf Bebe get to hit hit 62% harder than robo bebe? Yes, I get robo can get into a faster hit rate, but blood elf get more health every time she kills someone, turning her into a bigger tank than most tanks relatively fast. Once robo is on the enemy side, an assassin drop next to her kills her in two hits, but not with blood elf, she could sit there and take the beating and still do massive damage. Maybe she should be capped on how much health she can get from kills. You capped robo, claiming it could break the game...well you basically did that with blood elf. Hell, blood elf even hits harder than buccaneer and I thought rares were supposed to be more powerful than commons now. And going that route, she almost hits as hard as medusa, you might as well call blood elf a common legendary. See stats below.

    Medusa Bebe
    Max: HP 1399 (+33%) ATK 207 (+36%)
    Lvl 3: HP 864(+59%) ATK 124(+58%)

    Buccaneer Bebe
    Max: HP 637(+2%) ATK 140 (+1%) Ability +27
    F.F. Lvl HP 242(+9%) ATK 53 (+8%) Ability +9
    Lvl 5: HP 496 (+16%) ATK 109 (+15%) Ability +22

    Blood Elf Bebe
    Max: HP 430 (-4%) ATK 166(-6%) Ability 167
    F.F. Lvl HP 194 (-3%) ATK 74 (-6%) Ability 74
    Lvl 6: HP 366(-5%) ATK 141 (-7%) Ability 167

    Robo Bebe
    Max: HP 434 (-4%) ATK 101 (-4%)
    F.F. Lvl HP 195 (-4%) ATK 45 (-2%)
    Lvl 6: HP 370 (-6%) ATK 87 (-5%)

    Either something needs to be done about nerfing her or you clearly are introducing a power creep in to new cards, as I didn't even talk about T&P. Similar issue, but not nearly as bad.
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    Same with hyper drive...no buff for them? But you give lightning and fireball huge boosts, same with unholy combustion?!? What about Transmogrify? You know, that epic card where you turn an enemy into a rat who can still attack you, but for the same cost on a rare card, you give unholy combustion, not only totally destroying that card, but it does aoe damage to anyone near. How the F does that make sense?? Apparently all epics aren't treated equal and they aren't equal between themes. Keep boosting those Green and Blue themes so we can see those take over the game again. SMH... How about you work on releasing that invincibility card for Red to help level the field. The spells for red are a joke and with the nerf and/or untouched orange spells, you are clearly looking for people to use blue and green.
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    I should also mention, that I think you guys are doing a good job and I like seeing improvements, I was just bummed some pretty important things seemed overlooked. Overall I am excited to get more epics in my deck and not having to deal with the same meta over and over again, so thank you for the change up and keep it up!
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    I should also mention, that I think you guys are doing a good job and I like seeing improvements, I was just bummed some pretty important things seemed overlooked. Overall I am excited to get more epics in my deck and not having to deal with the same meta over and over again, so thank you for the change up and keep it up!
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