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    Extra Chess Sets Links Broken, Another Place to Find? Also Custom Skin

    Hi all,

    Some of the links to extra chess sets in the downloads thread don't work. For example, the Skess link (which has the best sets as I remember), says "Forbidden to access." Is there another place where I can download them? I have most of the sets, but I'm missing one of the Staunton Luxury ones, and a "2D 3D" set that was really nice (it was a 2D board with pieces that looked 3D).

    If anyone has these sets and can send me these or a zip file with all of them, that would be awesome. Also, I have been working on some custom skins of different colors. I have a green one completed, and am working on other colors. I don't have a website yet though. I also know that Skess made a custom skin, but I have never seen it and would be interested.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Sites to add Chess Sets for the Chessmaster Grandmaster

    There are these three additional sites
    Copy to the command line and search for each of the sites that interest you



    Chess sets created by Qix77

    Hope you let her know I found you.
    If you have any problems contact me E-Mail dinoconchas@libero.it. My nickname Dinocostas
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    Otre Sites

    I hope that pressing the keys of the Chessmaster will work well ....
    As soon as you have the Chessmaster Download page, press the desired keys

    Try on this link


    Mi faccia sapere

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    Chess Sets add Chessmaster Grandmaster

    Questi sono i Link dove scaricare i Sets vdi Scacchi di Chessmaster Grandmaster dove trovera\' quei Sets che a Lei piacciono tanto.

    Uno e\' il Link
    https: //web.archive.org/web/20161206 ... mx.team.pr.it/

    il Secondo e\'
    https://web.archive.org/ web / 20090221 ... att / index.html

    l\'ultimo e\'
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    Questi link che le ho inviato non sono quelli giusti.
    Usi i Link quelli che le ho gia ' segnalato nell'Email precedente.
    Scusi tanto
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