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    Suggestion for item rotation

    I would like to suggest to Ubisoft that when you have chosen an item that in addition to the three directional circles that appear that they are also labeled X, Y, and Z. I frequently forget which directiob I am trying to move or rotate objects and have to backtrack or undo when I have chosen wrong. I find it especially hard to remember when moving or rotating pieces that have been previously manipulated. Simply adding the letters X, Y, and Z to the screen image will will make it easier to pick the correct direction.
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    I totally agree...this has always been an issue. I did ask for at least the X Y Z in the side bar to be color coded to match the rings, common sense huh?

    However you can get around having to rotate by degrees manually by holding the shift button while in the rotate tool, and using the arrow keys to make minute adjustments till the piece is aligned properly (obviously on PC)

    Arrow keys also work for the move gizmo too, and to make finer adjustments, hold shift.

    Ironically, after using the PC editor for around 10 years (going back to FC2) I never knew this, and one of the other mappers taught me this when I was in Montreal! lol
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