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    Time of the day preset : Did you figured out a way to record it ?

    Hello mappers,

    The 1.08 update introduced TOD presets with exterior and many interiors (8) to mess with but afaik there was no way to record them, this was not that much an issue because without triggers volumes they were useless anyway.
    But now, with the last update we have those and guess what ?
    I still cannot find a way to record a preset,

    Any idea ?

    Ok, i finally found out that you can only record what's below the presets : RGB and sky occlusion.
    It's still better than nothing and will be very usefull for specific ambiance purposes, just a shame that it can't save the time of the day.

    Other volumes (reflections and audio) works great too, thanks a lot Ubisoft Devs !
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    How do you use these?
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