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    I'm assuming these Volumetric objects control the audio effect (echo/distortion in a cave sounds different from an open field), lighting effect (the generic lighting applied to the area within the volume differs) and reflection (no clue, all I can come up with is objects reflecting in reflective surfaces?).

    For an example of the audio volume, try firing a gun while you're in the "Den Cheeseburger", it'll sound different.
    Yeah, i agree and for the lighting, in each volume, it would be cool to have the choice to select one of the prerecorded user TOD preset for a better control, ie night setting for indoor areas and being able to go back to normal day once out.
    I also noticed that in the camapign, the HDR blind effect transition between inside and outside is very well effective when in arcade levels it's unfortunately disabled, maybe we'll have now access to that too, hopefully.
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    Looks like a sweet update. Also zombies added in. I expect like 1,000 zombie co-op maps added over the weekend easily. Shame CJ mentioned in other thread respawning vehicles likely wont happen ever.
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    Looks like a really good update. Lots of neat stuff being added.

    And are those new static/wreckage vehicles, including buses that I see in the picture? No longer have to use the same 4-5 vehicles anymore.

    Still waiting on vehicle respawns though. From what I hear from the above post, it may not happen?
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    SO I am assuming with the 'reflection' volume, I can place and scale a highly reflective volume over my maps that have rain/storm and it will all look WET?

    Also...man that rain...its about the worst rain in a video game ive ever seen. Put some REALISTIC rain in! Thats affected by the wind. With a slider to adjust HOW MUCH its raining, etc...please
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    Holy shig. This is big!
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    Unfortunately, I am encountering many terrain problems after this update. Terrain towers and other huge terrain glitches. I have had to delete and republish my new map several times now... please look into this and don’t ignore me.
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    Originally Posted by Fallen-Champ Go to original post
    WoW some amazing stuff there, new shapes spheres, pyramids, tubes etc for Generic Shapes and an Invisible option, new particle effects and a Search function on Consoles.

    The most disappointing thing is the Camera Auto Scroll OFF issue has still not been addressed, this actually worked back in December last year on PS4 when I got chance to try the editor on console.
    All I can say is life with this working when building is so much easier and map building is faster with that option working, if the guys that made maps for Ubisoft built on Console they would have that very high on the list for a fix so hoping this WILL get some love thrown it's way eventually.

    Arcade is getting better and better, really looking forward to the new stuff tomorrow
    I noticed that when you turn it 'off' it will work for anything related to Painting; so all terrain tools, paint texture, add vegetation and roads. When painting or placing them down the cursor will go out of the viewing area. Maybe you guys already were already aware of this.
    But yes we need to place some objects down then lock the camera to have what seems to be an similar effect to 'camera auto scroll Off'.
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    DapperHayden is a LIAR AND CANT BE TRUSTED
    The update stopped my digital copy of fc5 on xb1 from working. im glad i didn't start any new maps because ive had to delete the now corrupted game and start to download the whole game again.
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    Zombie are in ? As in ai zombies ?
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    Ok so I went to check out the new stuff , and I noticed the water in my lake has disappeared, and the fog as well . IT is still there , but invisible . Everytime they do an update something else is screwed or missing ... anyone else having this problem?
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