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    Toller and Buck Can you guys please do another alien queen red sci fi event with the visitors card availbe to be had during the event or please add them to any sci fi event coming up so players like me can have a chance to win the card to complete our collection
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    We don't control what events happen when, but we can certainly let the team know your feedback!
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    Hey, it's Sataaan, it's moderated, no minimum level and the requirements are: Donate if request. Be active. Also in events. Or will be kicked. Thanks in advance if you will stop by eventually. I do the team "reset" typically on Monday early afternoon CET (Europe).
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    Aboot Canada

    Level requirement: None
    Donation requirement: None

    We are mainly a team of Canadians, as you can tell by the name, though we also welcome any non-Canadians who wish to visit. Our only requirement is participation in the weekend events. Once team wars start, we may need to add a requirement for that as well.

    We typically kick our members with 0 event points and 0 donations as of 12:00 Noon EST each Saturday, and the remaining with 0 event points are kicked the same time on Sundays. We ask that all members collect at least 100 for token events, or at least 5 on card usage events. Those who do not meet this goal by end of event are evaluated at that time and possibly ejected. Elders who fail to meet are demoted instead.
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    Hey Toller! come visit us some time, team Mexicosky ! Come and practice your Spanish all tho most of us speak fluent english

    -min level 12
    -Must part take in team wars both obtaining and donating bottle caps , as well as finish the fighting run regardless of the result
    -no minimum donations/weekend points , we do ask however to show activity in that regard
    -don't request the same card someone else is currently requesting except if that card is to be used on team wars that week.

    we always complete weekend team events on friday or saturday and currently we are on bronze league on team wars.

    We'd love to have you some time!
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    Come visit the Hobo Stonerz. Bronze clan. Reqs are lvl 10. 20 donations a week. Full participation in team wars.
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